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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    How Can I Tell if My Ex Still Loves Me?

    Dear eNotAlone: My ex and I were together for two years before we broke up about six months ago. I still love him and want to be with him, but I'm unsure of how he feels about me. We talk sporadically, but never about getting back together or discussing our relationship. What should I do? How can I tell if he still has feelings for me as well?

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    If you're still in love with an ex and have hopes of getting back together, it can be a difficult and confusing situation. You may even feel scared to admit your feelings because you don't know what their response will be. Taking the first step towards getting back together is always a challenge, but it doesn't have to be a daunting one.

    The best thing you can do is to take small steps in order to bridge the gap between you two. Start by having casual conversations with one another and spending time together, whether in person or virtually. In any case, try to keep the conversation light and surface-level, being sure not to bring up anything that could lead to a heated discussion about the past relationship. Doing so will help spark genuine interest in each other again, and might even give you a chance to discuss your feelings without feeling pressure to move too quickly.

    Another important piece of advice is to make yourself vulnerable and open up to your ex. It can be difficult to be vulnerable with someone who hurt us in the past, but it's in moments like these where we are able to re-establish trust. Show them that you still care deeply for them, and that you're still interested in getting back together. There's no better way to know what someone else is feeling than by directly communicating with them. Talking to your ex about your feelings and willingness to work through any issues that may have arisen during your original break-up can help shed some light on their feelings for you as well.

    It's also important to be patient and understanding even if the other person is not ready to give you any kind of commitment. Making your ex feel pressured in any way is going to cause them to pull away, so instead focus on showing them that you care, that you're invested in making the relationship work, and that you're there for them if they ever feel ready to communicate.

    When you're still in love with an ex, it can be hard to stay detached and remain logical. But at the same time, it's essential to avoid any act of desperation out of fear of being alone. Don't push things in any direction. Instead, be honest with your ex and see what kind of response you get. It may be hard to wait, but patience and understanding will be the key to figuring out how to tell if your ex still loves you and how to get back together.

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