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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Breakup: Swimming from Sorrow in the Sea of Songs

    As a broken hearted person dives into the depths of despair, many will attempt to find ways to cope with their pain. One such long standing and reliable source of healing for centuries has been music. But can it really make a difference in aiding with the healing process from a breakup?

    The romantic poetry of songs has been used to mend broken hearts since time immemorial. It is often said that music expresses what words cannot, and this is certainly true when it comes to tapping into the surge of emotions accompanying a breakup. Music can relay so much emotion and pain -- as if it was written specifically for the listener -- that immediate connection inspires catharsis and comfort in that same moment.

    Though not every heartbroken individual will be able to relate to break-uplieds, they all can know a song's sadness intimately, allowing them to express themselves without using words. While humour can also provide solace, many people benefit more from the instrumentals of sorrowful songs, providing a way to wade through waves of emotion without being overwhelmed.

    When listening to heartbreak music there are certain themes that are typically present. Melancholy lyrics as well as passionate singing about loneliness, devastation and loss heighten the rawness of the feelings associated with a broken heart. It's like being jolted from a deep sleep, where you must face harsh realities yet embrace them at the same time. The track may be the only friend the bereft individual knows in moments of darkness, speaking volumes about their internal anguish even though no spoken or written words may accurately encapsulate what they are going through.

    Despite the fact that breakup songs can share details about somebody's misery, steering clear of these lyrics can be beneficial too. In some cases, hearing familiar phrasing and painful melodies can trigger intense reactions and compel individuals to analyze their own distress more intensely than ever before. It's important not to get too bogged down in putting too much literal detail into an experience because while they might be incredibly accurate representations of the agony in song form, they can often focus too much on the specifics which can force someone to stay stuck in that stage of distress instead of finding closure.

    Sometimes it's helpful to explore more positive sounds and options that could offer more positive vibes during such a difficult period of transition. Listening to empowering anthems can create moments of clarity that could open up inner strength to let go, take courage, and move forward The key is finding that balance between wallowing in sorrowful memories and feeling inspired by life-affirming tunes; music speaks so differently to each one of us. It can influence our emotions greatly after all.

    In the end remember that whatever type of breakup music one gravitates towards there is no wrong way to move through heartbreak. Following your instinct when it comes to music selection is typically the best route; if something doesn't feel comfortable, then try not to engage over-analytically with it or listen to it again if it brings too much pain. As one learns how to come to terms with loss they can access a wider range of tones, tempos and styles as they take more control of their struggles and create their own journey to healing.

    Using melody and lyrics as navigation maps through grief allows us to stay open minded and flexible when it comes to processing our heartache. Music can be among the most nourishing forms of self-care available in today's world; its soothing powers are capable of breaking barriers and pleasing the soul unarguably. So while yes, songs specifically designed around breaking up may sometimes lead listeners into an even greater state of longing and despair, with careful curation and appropriate timing music most certainly can help bring peace, aid our passage back into joy and bring about transformation faster than any alternative methods available on the market today.

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