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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Breaking Up with a Depressed Partner

    Though being in a relationship – no matter how unhealthy or destructive it may be – is reassuring to many, sometimes it’s essential to break up with a depressed partner. Many individuals face this anxious situation with a significant degree of stress, lacing their every breath with a swirl of rising panic, brokenheartedness, and dread. Knowing whether it is the right decision for you and your partner is often complex, and the prospect of ending things can be overwhelming.

    When navigating a separation from a depressed partner, first and foremost, it is essential to create a safe space for both parties. This means attempting to remain calm and approach the situation with compassion. If an argument ensues, try not to get carried away in the heat of the moment or make cruel comments or use guilt-tripping tactics. Instead, remember that you were once connected and that the love shared should be respected, even during the dissolution.

    Moreover, consider any underlying factors that may have led to the depression. Was the relationship unfulfilling? Was there poor communication or insufficient emotional support? These matters must be discussed honestly and openly if there is any hope of amicable terms and mental healing.

    In the spirit of maintaining safety and commitment to understanding, it is essential to set clear boundaries when breaking off a relationship with someone who is struggling with depression. Reassure your former partner that, though you won’t be together, you are still there for them as a friend, should they need it. It is essential to allow them the space to heal and recover on their own. And, if possible, offer resources and community support networks where they can turn for help.

    It is also important to take some time for yourself. Breaking up is hard enough even without the layer of depression, so don’t be afraid to process self-care rituals and heal. Allow your body and mind the space to recognize the change of the relationship and the emotions that coincide. Cry, read, draw, walk, or talk to other people. Consider “unfollowing” your ex on social media for a time and instead nurture yourself outwardly with healthy meals and some physical activity. Focusing on activities and interests that bring joy are also beneficial for restoring wellbeing and balance.

    Finally, keep in mind that although the timing of the break-up may be difficult and the situation complicated, a swift and compassionate conclusion will apply further benefit to both parties in the long run. Breaking up with a depressed partner isn’t easy, but with these mindful practices, kindness, and open communication, the transition can be smoothed.

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