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    Top Designer Fragrances for Women

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    There is an abundance of designer fragrances today on the market and it can really be very difficult to choose the best one. And what is even harder, after some time, after you have smelled so many different scents, they all just seem to blend together and you now have no idea which one to pick. The fragrance industry, which is growing a rate of knots with designers, celebrities and trusted fragrance brands, launches new scents on almost a monthly basis. This year, for example, the scents have drifted away from the fruity, overly sweet scents to greater depth, woodier notes and delicate sweet fruits mixed in with subtle classic floral notes. However, for those women who are not sure what new fragrance to pick, there are some designer fragrances that they just can't go wrong with no matter what.

    J'adore: This mandarin and ivy perfume is such a refreshing fragrance that lifts your mood on a gloomy day. J`Adore is a really light, pretty and very feminine perfume. The undernotes include Damascus plum, rose and Balckberry musk and you can also catch the floral blend of Orchid, Violet and Rose. The perfume can be worn anywhere at almost anytime. J'adore is from the Dior line of designer fragrances and perfumes for women and it is a very sophisticated scent.

    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue: A stunning perfume, overwhelming and irresistible like the joy of living. Dolce and Gabbana have done it again, they have created a fragrance that is perfect for any woman. The perfume features the scents of Sicilian citron, Granny Smith apple, the intensity of jasmine, the freshness of bamboo, the charm of white rose. The final notes are cedarwood, amber and musk that make a scent just overwhelming, deep and true.

    Ralph Lauren Romance: This perfume is one that you just can't go wrong with. For quite a while now, Romance is considered one of the top designer fragrances for women and this holds true once again for this year. Created for the woman who believes in true love, affection, warmth and togetherness, the scent reminds you of tender moments and the simple joys of life. The key notes are a mixture of Lychee, Sungoddess Rose, Night Blooming Daylily, Patchouli Coeur, with undernotes of oakmoss and musk for a smell that is sensual and timeless.

    Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil: To come up with the scent for a new fragrance, Hermes' perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena traveled to the city of Aswan, along the Nile. The result is a blend of notes found on the riverbanks of the Nile. It starts with a mixture of citrus (grapefruit and limes) and intense green notes - the green mango lends some fruitiness but is thankfully not overly sweet. The key notes carry lotus blossoms and cassia tree leaves.

    Guerlain Chamade: Chamade was created by Paul Guerlain in 1969, and it was inspired by the Francoise Sagan's novel "La Chamade." Symbolizing a quick beating of the heart of those in love, "Chamade" is another enchanting name given to the Guerlain creation. It is a blend, dominated primarily by hyacinth, heavy and green, and blackcurrant that can be sensed through the oily hyacinth richness. The fragrance comes in a pretty bottle in a shape of upside down turned heart, pierced by an arrow - a symbol of surrender to love. The key notes of the Chamade are Turkish rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lilac, blackcurrant buds, lily of the valley, galbanum, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, amber, iris, and Tonka bean.

    Bvlgari Blu Notte: This fragrance from Bulgari is a limited edition perfume for women, introduced in 2004 as a fresh feminine aroma. The fragrance carries a sophisticated blend of vodka, galangal, alluring acacia, sensuous iris with hints of tobacco and dark chocolate. Mysterious and passionate, Bvlgari Blu Notte is recommended to be worn after dark.

    Moschino Couture: This bold and captivating scent is for the woman who dares to make your own fashion statement. Fresh and crisp, this feminine scent possesses a blend of bergamot, mandarin, and accents of pepper. The key notes are a mixture of sunny peonies , pomegranate, and poppy seeds. The final notes are: benzoin, vanilla - all vibrating in cedar wood.

    Gucci Envy Me: Envy me was created for the woman who demands attention. The fragrance exudes confidence and sexy sophistication and possesses a dazzling blend of sensual peony, jasmine, and pink pepper melded with notes of sweet litchi, pomegranate and pineapple smoothed with musk. The final notes are a mixture of white tea and warm woods. The fragrance is guaranteed to make a woman the object of desire.

    24 Faubourg Perfume for Women by Hermes: Named after the address of the Hermès flagship store in Paris, 24 Faubourg by Hermès fragrance for women is a timeless and treasured creation. This lovely fragrance evokes the most intimate aspects of feminine sensuality and sophistication. The warm floral-based scent is composed of orange blossom, followed by warm notes of Sambac jasmine, vanilla and ambergris. is a sharp, flowery fragrance that blends orange blossom, amber, vanilla and blooming fresh-cut flowers. The perfume is recommended for daytime wear.

    L'Eau d'Issey perfume by Issey Miyake: This perfume is a fresh sparkling fragrance with warm undertones. It awakens a feeling of total beauty. L'Eau d'Issey is a pure floral with musky and woody tones. A very complex fragrance, the perfume is made up of a wide range of floral scents including lotus, cyclamen, freesia, carnations, and white lilies, with hints of amberseed and musk. The final notes include rose water, precious woods, osmanthus, tuberose and amberseed.

    Bonus tip: To make fragrance last long it should be applied to the body's pulse points. These include the back of wrists, behind the ear, crease of arms and knees, and the base of a throat. Pulse points give off more body heat as this is where blood vessels are closest to the skin, therefore continually warming and releasing your fragrance. Never rub, because rubbing crushes the molecules of the fragrance and ruins the scent. Some beauty editors apply perfume only on the inner elbows and behind the knees. The reason is - the fragrance stays a little moist and works best just a little bit humid. Also, for a lasting effect spraying fragrance lower on the body allows it to rise throughout the day.

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