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    New Summer Collection By Kate Moss - Online And In-Stores

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    On Tuesday, May 21st, supermodel Kate Moss has presented her new collection of clothes for the upcoming summer in Topshop stores nationwide. The collection is sensual and very chic, and Kate is looking better than ever at her 35, smoldered in barely there chiffon and statement graphic prints. Her hot tip for a summer season is bright, bold, and above all, very sexy.

    Many celebrities are trying their hand at fashion designing but Kate Moss is the undisputed Queen of high street collaborations with Topshop line. This is the 9th collection which Moss has created for Topshop, and there is no doubt that it will become as popular as the rest have been up until now. The collection, which features over 90 items, was inspired by supermodel's own wardrobe, Moss created such pieces that she herself would wear to a festival or on vacation, based on the idea that each is item versatile enough to be dressed up or down.

    Inspired by love of travel, Kate Moss has come up with a beautiful collection of seductive maxi dresses, print swimwear and chic print play suits that have some Indian themes. She also designed the pieces with rich textures and heavy embellishments including beaded jackets, sequined blazers, and summer items in Moroccan style . One of the collection's favorites is a sheer Moroccan-inspired blouse, decorated with swirls of tiny beads. Wearing nothing underneath, Moss made the blouse look like a piece of art. Another expected bestseller to be is a graphic monochrome maxi dress with simple halterneck tie. The dress is beautiful for the evening, and at the same time simple enough to be worn on the beach.

    Among other highlights are this clingy orange jersey tunic fit both for beach and bar and a blue dress with a deep neckline and a blue leopard print. The dress is in a Marilyn Monroe style. The animal trend continues with a babydoll halter dress, zebra-print tank, dressed up in the campaign shots with a sequin-studded cardigan. Wearing bright red lipstick and a marvelous golden glow, the supermodel was photographed wearing these items along with "gladiator" snakeskin sandals, where she looks great. Also, one of the most attractive items from the collection Moss was presenting, is the vest studded with metal plates. This piece has already been chosen by many as this year's "must have" clothing item.

    The embellishment theme continues on a cropped waistcoat - this time decorated with studs, giving it a dull pewter hue. The supermodel demonstrated it wearing without anything esle, but a pair of huge earrings and bangles. A black fringed waistcoat is also one of the main trends this season, as are the gladiator striped sandals seen throughout the demonstration. Several pairs featured in the collection include a fabric ankle-tie pair, studded tan-colored leather, and luxurious fringed suede.

    For the more conservative customers the designer offers just to consider throwing over a T-shirt and jeans for that 'ready to play' look. For them, the collection features tie dye prints T-shirts, perfect for the evening and a day at the beach. There will be pieces in the collection that may look familiar as Kate has been wearing most of the items before they have hit the shops.

    The collection is available online at topshop.com and in Topshop stores.

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