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    Fashion Accessories Collection By World Charms

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    World Charms, an online specialty department store, which offers its customers unique gift ideas for every occasion, is now presenting the new Fall 2009 collection of handbags and fashion jewelry from the Sweet Safari series. The collection is now available for preview and pre-order on its website.

    The entire Fall 2009 collection of accessories is made by hand and primarily from indigenous, organic and earth-sustainable materials. The absolute majority of the products are Go Green Certified. The main goal of the store is to showcase fashion forward handbags, fine jewelry and other designer accessories by means of eco-ethical standards.

    For the fall collection, World Charms is presenting four unique themes which are going to represent the latest fashion trends for the season. The first is ASEAN Agenda which features all natural materials in exquisitely created bangle and bag designs from one of the Southeast Asian regions.

    Theme number two is the Sweet Safari series which feature the fashion style of African safari expedition but are made from 'sweet' natural and exotic components and materials such as coconut and oyster shells as well as sea shells, Mother of Pearl, mahogany seeds, limestones skilfully combined with metal, kid leather, snake skin, glass beads and wood.

    The 'Vegan Cheetah Bangle', 'Paw Lash Bangle' and 'Dotted Trail Bangle' carry safari animal patterns but in reality are made from coconut shells. For example, the 'Paw Lash Cuff' version is coconut shell that is set on metal. Other metal cuffs include the 'World is an Oyster Cuff' made from Tigerlip Mother of Pearl and 'Blackhole Cuff' made from the limpit shell. The 'Jungle Book Bangle' and 'Shipwreck Bangle' both are made from the tree seeds such as Mahogany and an exotic tree called 'Ampion'. The 'Tiger Attack Bangle' is made of natural wood which is wrapped in tiger pattern fabric.

    For the Sweet Safari series, World Charms are also presenting jewelry collection made from leather and skin. The 'Green Skin Choker' demonstrates a variety of snakeskin colors in patchwork pattern with glass beads that have been one by one encrusted on satin fabric. The 'Africana Kid Leather Cuff' contains gorgeous metal studs on kid leather. The 'We Cuff' is a bright but sophisticated snakeskin cuff in yin and yang pattern. In addition, the Sweet Safari series include a collection of beautiful necklaces, and one among such is the 'Leopard Warning Necklace' which is made from an assorted variety of Mother of Pearl shells and a cowrie shell. Another necklace, 'Bloody Fangs Necklace' is made from limestones, dyed in bright red and has a resemblance of gigantic crocodile's teeth.

    World Charms sells world culture gift products, the material and components for which are collected from different parts of the globe. The store plans to deliver its items to any location worldwide. At present time, World Charms offers its customers products such as artisan artwork, handcrafted costume jewelry, organic toys, natural bed and bath products and other eco-crafts.

    World Charms is expected to officially launch its Fall 2009 fashion collection by the beginning of August 2009. It can be accessed on the web at www.worldcharms.com.

    Source: BigNews.biz

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