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    Laying On of Stones and Crystal Patterns

    Excerpted from
    All Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Healing
    By Diane Stein

    Laying on of stones and gemstone crystal patterns are both the newest and the oldest of women's healing techniques. An outgrowth of Goddess women's Intense Interest In crystals and gemstones. In the past ten years, healing work with stones reaches back into the herstory of every culture. Quartz crystal composes fully a third of the physical makeup of Goddess Earth, and gemstones and crystals are available in some form everywhere. They were known and used for healing In Native America, South America, Africa, Europe and Egypt, and were a highly developed art in ancient India.

    Going back further than herstory, the legends and stories of Atlantis, an ancient culture destroyed by earth changes thousands of years ago, are filled with both positive and negative uses of clear quartz crystal. The continent of Atlantis was a highly developed technological civilization with correspondences in its technology and problems to modern western society. Their major source of energy was based on crystal technology, and their healing was powered by crystal and gemstone use beyond current knowledge. Enough Information about healing work in Atlantis remains to consider this fabulous, highly developed culture the beginning of gemstone and crystal healing on earth.

    A number of women today are bringing to light crystal and gemstone information by psychic means, channeling or automatic writing of directed information. In this method, women in the meditative state allow non-conscious Information to be given to them, and they repeat it verbally or write it as it's given. An Increasing number of women arc linking with this psychic source of powerful Information and arc channeling material on healing and crystal work stored from Atlantis. Putting the material to experiment and use, they find much of it to be highly valuable. By applying and teaching the Information, and by further experimentation, women are developing and Increasing modem knowledge of gemstone healing.

    Many women believe that a large number of souls who were alive at the height or destruction of Atlantean civilization is in reincarnation now. Women in past life regression work report the knowledge of lifetimes in Atlantis, or In ancient Egypt soon alter, where much of Atlantean learning was preserved from extinction Many of these women arc crystal and gemstone workers today, some drawing from an intuitive source barely remembered or totally unremembered, which nevertheless gives them Information when they need It for healing. Much of the crystal and gemstone Information available to women has been given to us quickly in these ways. In a major burst of new and detailed healing knowledge unknown just a few years ago.

    The reasons for the sudden gift of crystal and gemstone technology and healing can be speculated. That women returning to Goddess worship and seeking healing methods are ready in their development to use it and that the present need is great is one Idea. That women have reached the psychic sensitivity required to receive the Information Is another possible reason, along with the readiness of supplies of gemstones now available to work with. Other speculations are that the west is reaching a crisis, as Atlantis once did in Its long-buried past.

    We are at a point of deciding to use our technologies for the betterment of life and surviving, or of using our technologies in negative ways and being destroyed by them. Atlantis was believed to have been destroyed by its negative use of crystal technology to oppress others. Many souls who witnessed this choice in Atlantis arc reincarnated on earth now, working to prevent another major destruction of a technological empire, hop Ing to assure a positive and life-affirming world. Women healers arc an important part of the choice for life-affirming values with their Insistence on real values above technology-for-its-own-sake and their insistence on cleaning up the earth and on healing themselves and correcting current abuses.

    Laying on of stones is a method that survived Atlantis and the matriarchies' destruction. In more recent herstory than Atlantis, the Egyptian Pharaoh Queens, early queen-healers like Mentuhetop (2300 BCE) and Cleopatra (69-30 BCE) worked extensively with colored stones in healing patterns. Egyptian healing was respected In the Middle East and Africa, and healers from several nations came to Egypt to learn methods from these women. The learning was spread by students to the Mediterranean, and later from Greece to Europe. India was also known as a healing center, claiming with Egypt its invention of various healing skills including gemstone work. Work with colored gemstones and crystals was highly developed In India, probably from matriarchal times. In Native America, shamans and medicine women of a number of tribes carried crystals in their medicine pouches and used crystal patterns, and turquoise was used extensively on various parts of the body In the North American Southwest.

    In Africa, the foremothers of the West African Market Women were revered as sailors and explorers. Black women sailors may have been the ancient Phoenician traders who travelled the world as far as the Americas and the Orient, long before Columbus. From their stops In Egypt and Greece, gemstone work would have been known to these women, and their travels carried knowledge throughout the world. Striking similarities between the Indian Goddess Saras vat J. the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin and the South American Goddess Chalchluhtltque indicate that the ancient cultures had knowledge of each other or a common origin such as Atlantis.

    The Goddesses arc drawn much alike in art, and both Kwan Yin and Chalchluhtllque are represented by Jade, an all - healing gemstone of great power. By the similarities, including gemstone knowledge, it is speculated that world communication may have existed long before the modem day, and that the world was once connected by the Phoenician women sailors. Only speculation is now possible, as that communication and herstory are lost, destroyed by the cataclysms that sank Atlantis or the chaos that ended the matriarchies. The evidence, however legendary, is Intriguing and, even lacking stronger proof, is as valid as what men have written about women's past.

    Whether crystal work and laying on of stones is from Atlantis, from the ancient women's matriarchies, or is something totally new is less important than its use and success by women today. Information is growing rapidly in this remembered field, and is being transmitted to women for immediate use. Along with Its ability to release physical disease, laying on of stones has power in working with the emotional sources that cause much physical Illness. By use of crystals and gemstones and particularly by laying on of stones, women release the emotional abuses of patriarchy from their Being, work through Issues, and reaffirm their Goddess-within self love. This type of healing is important, as physical manifestation of disease (lack of case) is a reflection of the nonphysical body from these unseen levels, which arc known worldwide.

    Where the medical system treats women from physical symptoms only, women's healing works with the physical by way of causes, through working with the unseen psychic layers. Science has agreed by now that the body is surrounded by an electrical field, and healers call that energy the aura. The aura is composed. In eight levels of energy or light, of four unseen bodies that surround and effect the physical body. In esoteric thought, this is where the soul or Being is located, and is also where the physical body's health and growth arc directed from.

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