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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Finding Happiness After Struggling with Abuse

    No one deserves to be the victim of any form of abuse. It can take a monumental toll on its victims, both physically and mentally. As difficult as it might seem to imagine, amazing changes can happen for those who have experienced abuse and it is possible to find joy and happiness once again.

    Trying to move past the trauma of abuse takes enormous strength and courage, especially when healing is a journey full of unexpected setbacks. It helps to be surrounded by a supportive group of individuals who understand what you are going through and accept that recovery won't necessarily follow a linear path. Forward progress comes with victories — big and small. Look for a therapist who can help provide structure and guidance that encourages psychological well-being and discovering your true self.

    Once the journey toward healing begins, it's natural but important to become aware of the triggers that can cause you to regress in your progress. While some triggers are obvious, such as a particular individual or settings that can send you back to feelings of fear, other triggers may not be so evident. It's beneficial to keep track of how different experiences or situations make you feel. This will also help identify things that bring peace and joy into your life and give insight into what activities could lead to personal growth.

    Some of the biggest steps for overcoming abuse involve making up for lost time, learning how to build self-confidence and relearning how to trust yourself and others. Interacting authentically with people around you can be a challenge if you've been abused, but it is a very important part of finding joy and happiness again.

    After establishing healthy relationships with trustworthy people, consider also spending quality time with yourself by focusing on hobbies or interests that bring pleasure. Start small and pick activities that don't overwhelm but do allow you to tap into something positive. When it's time to heal on an emotional level, it helps to learn how to express yourself creatively in quiet moments. Crafting poetry, music or artwork can offer insight, promote dialogue and open an inner sanctuary of restorative thoughts.

    Healing from abuse is never an easy process, but looking wholeheartedly at it as an opportunity for inner development and personal growth provides freedom from the burden previously placed on oneself from the abuse. You can learn to live with newfound confidence, strength and empowerment as you create a life filled with meaningful relationships and lasting joy.

    No one expects being a victim of abuse to be easy, but growth in its wake can be beautiful. Building resilience in yourself each day to reclaim control over your own life is worth fighting for. A life full of satisfaction, inner peace and fulfillment is within reach. Choose to reach out, receive support and look forward to the infinite possibilities a happy future has in store.

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