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Talking to guy with mental health issues
I probably havent put this in the right place but i wasnt really sure where to put it to be honest so, apologies if i have. So... i have been talking to this guy for
Made a list of pros and cons of my boyfriend. Does this mean I should end it?
I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and 3 months. We're 23years old. Due to this whole isolation thing I've been rethinking our relationship and I'm afraid I don't
Relationship Advice, by serendipitat
Does this sound like an emotionally abuse relationship?
Hi, Does this sound like an emotionally abusive relationship? 2.5 year relationship (cohabitated for a year) - 30 me (F) and 32 (M). Actually met through his
Relationship Advice, by Roadtoheal
Anxiety each morning
Each morning, I wake up and my heart and mind are already racing before I even know it's happening. No matter the time I go to bed, I'm up at 5AM and everything is just
I messed up and this feeling I have is the price I pay.
Hello everyone I am new to this app and I just needed someone to talk to or get advice on what to do really. I’m really lonely and just going crazy since I don’t have
Breaking Up Advice, by McThicken
Want to move
My wife and I have been married for nearly 4 years. I had moved to a city nearly 2.5 hrs from where I am from for a job and subsequently met my wife and got married and
I think I broke up with him...
Hey everyone, I'm not sure what I need advice on here, but I'm going to write anyway to vent. I always feel like my ex/boyfriend doesn't respect me. But I suffer
Breaking Up Advice, by You4me2020
Bizarre, complicated story involving Me (M), Acquaintance (F) and her BF
Long story - my apologies. So I have a close friend from school who moved to San Diego (near where I am from). He started dating a girl who was loosely in my social
Relationship Conflicts, by caliboy12345
I slept with my ex while dating my current boyfriend
Hi there, I'm in my early twenties and last year I had a very weird friends with benefits relationship with my boy best friend. I say very weird because I was madly
Relationship Advice, by Ella12345
The impact of being involved with a lunatic for two years
Hi everyone, I'm doing well now and out of it for six months, but the whole thing is still haunting me ( sorry it's so long, hope you get to the end! ) this is the
Dealing With Painful Breakup - Doubts Over Correct Decision
So this might be a long one but I'll try and get everything in as briefly as possible. I met my ex about a year ago at a party in a club. At the time I was single
Is this Barista interested in me?
For about a half a year, I’ve been going to the same Starbucks. This barista remembers my name despite me not even mentioning my name to her (I’m pretty sure she got my
Can We Really Be Friends?
I posted a thread a while ago about how the guy I had been seeing and I were taking space. We ended up breaking things off, but we both agreed we could see the other as
Keeping in touch after a few dates before lockdown
About a month before lockdown began i bumped in to a guy I briefly dated a couple of years ago in the pub and got chatting. It hadn’t worked out before because I was
Dating Advice, by rubys
Grieving a breakup several months later
I left my girlfriend of 1.5 years together around New Years ( I wrote a post about it ). She never left my mind since the breakup, but I was ready to move on. Since we
Do I delete my ex and all our mutual FB friends?
I recently broke up with my boyfriend, I was the dumper. For reasons he didn’t agree with, long story short I felt I wasn’t being treated fairly or with respect in the
Breaking Up Advice, by Roadtoheal
Major self esteem problems
I posted a while ago about an ex and how I was struggling to move forward because he had so quickly. I thought I was doing well but today it is his birthday and a lot of
Personal Growth, by ashl99
I can’t contact my boyfriend
Hi. I am presently in a long distance relationship. I communicate with my boyfriend thru Snapchat, because he doesn’t have anything else. The thing is, I have a very
I am 30 years and never had a relationship
I am 30 years old, never had a relationship, got a very small group of friends. I am also a very shy and nervous which does not help me. I just want some advice.
Dating Advice, by richard10012
Playing gooseberry to my boyfriend and my female best friend
I came here as I have concerns about interactions between my boyfriend and my female best friend that exclude me. They aren't hanging out in person but it's very new so
Relationship Advice, by Daydreamer07
I ended my affair and my husband started one in 3 years
Life was beautiful when we fell in love with each other but after marriage I always felt lonely, unloved and unimportant. My husband moved into a different country for
Infidelity, by 2020surprise
What do I do ?
This past weekend I was with all my friends we were all drinking having a good time. I got a little too drunk so I decided to go to sleep in my friends couch. The guy
Emotions and Feelings, by cristina2011
I can't get my ex off of my mind.
My ex and I dated for about three years, we broke up a year and a half ago. After the break up, we were talking still because we were hopeful, and it ended with us
Weakening muscles
Hi everyone, hope everyone is safe during these times. to start off, i know i should see a doctor with this, but there's nothing open at the moment, 2 of the nearest
She confuses me
Hello people can You' give me your opinion please. I have meet a beautiful girl. She works in a small store where I buy food and other things. We are both 25 years old
Dating Advice, by Richard 55
Temporary NC Begins
Thank you for accepting me into the forum. 2 year relationship. We broke up a year ago. I was too needy and she’d lost her autonomy. I’d made a few choice remarks about
My long distance boyfriend flashes me randomly on FaceTime. What should I do?
My boyfriend (live in Europe ) and I (live in Asia )are in long distance relationship. We both work a lot but try to text everyday. Because of the time difference and
Broke my own heart again.
I put a post about my ex and how I started NC. She contacted me that night asking if I was okay and we started to talk again, then she started to ignore me while being
Breaking Up Advice, by StokeCity1
Is everything I do wrong?
Ok so let me start by say there is a pretty big age gap but tbh I don't think it should play that big of a part, I'm 38 and he's 29. We met about a year ago, he was
Age Gap Relationships, by Nuttyness
His colleague has a crush on him...
A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I broke up, but we kept seeing each other at least once a week. He had just started a new job and a female colleague seemed to be
Relationship Advice, by 5MoonsOfJupi
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