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Collecting gifts
Hello lovely people, Some advice please. My ex and I broke up (mutually) in November, two months ago after three years together. Initially, we decided to stay friends
Breaking Up Advice, by jenberry
Second wife problems!
Hi This is my first post on here so It may be a little long but hopefully some of you have some time and advice to spare <3 Ok so I am a 30 year old female and I am
Prayers /Good thoughts for my Shay
He is having all his canines removed today. He has a condition where he is allergic to his own teeth.
Pets, by ~Seraphim ~
Husband using money against me?!
I am a housewife,i do not work since 3 years(since my marriage,we came to the conclusion i will not work in the beggining).Anyway my husband has started using this
What’s going on?
I’ve been seriously dating this girl for past 4-5 months and we moved in together about two months ago. We have an age difference of about 12 years between us. She says
Dating Advice, by billybobthor
No guys want to see me again
I have been online dating for a while with not much success I can't seem to get past a first date like ever!. Its really depressing and makes me want to give up but i
Dating Advice, by Boo1986
Hopeful Adoption
What to do when you want to raise another child differently than your first one ? Maybe it is a pipe dream . My husband does not want to agree with my vision. He wants
Journals, by ~Seraphim ~
Partner won’t pick me up anymore
My partner and I have been together for four years and have lived together for two. He used to pick me up from nights out at various times of the night, but for the last
Dating Advice, by doglover123
New GF I rarely see, what up?
Started dating a new girl back in October, not long after she took a part time job in addition to her FT job and was working 13 hr days, I never saw her for 2 straight
Dating Advice, by ManyDates
It is so easy for him to hit me, but leaving him isn't so simple.
I apologize for the lengthy post, but I figured the near-whole story is better than just the highlights. Some details: -I am a 24 year old graduate student working
Abuse and Violence, by Rosex25
Trigger: Ex wants to be friends - can we make this work/your thoughts?
First off we only dated for 3 months, but connected immediately on multiple levels. The first couple of months were like a movie & we were v happy. But as the sexual
Relationship Advice, by LucyTupp233
A partner with anxiety
How on earth do you deal with it? Rational thinking goes out the window. You try to understand but let’s face it you can’t. I get blamed for stuff. Made out to be
Emotions and Feelings, by monkeynuts
Lied on resume, worried about consequences
After getting a job offer from a company for a position as a software engineer the company did an investigation. Which, I am guessing is taking close to 2 weeks. I've
My ex wants to meet for coffee/drinks, should I ask for her motivations?
So my ex and I broke up about 3 months ago (we were together 5 years) and she just sent me two recent emails. We used to live together and she still has stuff at my
Relationship Advice, by psycho magnet
Keep having the same fight for 2 years...
My boyfriend is usually nice but has a temper sometimes. He’ll get pissy and start finding fault in everything I do, after weeks or months of everything being
Relationship Conflicts, by cgregsweeney
Boyfriend updated tinder profile picture
Hello, So, I've been living with my boyfriend for a year. Things are going very well, we have fights occasionally but nothing massive. We originally met on Tinder -
Relationship Advice, by notalone1900
Divorcing due to alcoholism and lack of trust
Hi there! It has been about ten years since I have posted here but I now find myself back in the situation where some thoughts and council would help :) I've filed
Reason you cant make a permanent change
Been married 17 years husband doesnt feel loved wants me to change. I do then it goes back. Before he can even decide if he wants to stay married he needs a reason for
Getting Back Together, by So broken
Complicated situation with Partner's ex that I'm struggling with
So, I want to start off by saying I love my partner to bits. He's an absolute gem of a guy, and the problem isn't so much that he's not nice it's almost that he's too
Relationship Advice, by KNicNel892
I don't understand guys! HELP
Hey I am a 18 year old college student I never had a boyfriend before but I had some casual relationships that left me heartbroken. I usually meet guys at parties
Relationship Advice, by Anonimouspt2
I feel broken beyond repair
I initiated the break up of my 7 month relationship as he was ogling other women. I felt exhausted and worthless. It was a bad breakup that I didn't intend on doing
Breaking Up Advice, by cally71
Angry today - I don't know if I was being clingy or he was being unreasonable
How is everyone doing? I hope your NYE and Xmas was good. It has been 3 and a half months since my ex left me. I have been having a very difficult time; the first
Has anyone felt ashamed for breaking no contact?
It's been almost 2 weeks since my boyfriend of almost 4 years disappeared into thin air. We had what I believed was a good relationship, talked about marriage, but when
I am so stressed out, have no one to talk to
I am worried and stressed that my sister is going to pull her kids from the school that we all attended to. Something strange is going on which includes myself.happened
Eye contact during sex?
How important is it to you? In my situation, I noticed that when I’m on top my bf usually has his eyes closed or when I lean in to kiss him, eyes still closed or he
Sex and Romance, by lilsunfl0wer
Advice regarding a change in custody of my 10 year old son.
I have been divorced 6 years and I have had nothing but problems with my ex-wife ever since. Mostly I don't approve of how she has been living her life in regards to
Divorce Advice, by abaco
I can't stop thinking
Why am I still thinking about my ex!?! We dated for 3 years, lived together the last year of the relationship. I found out he was cheating on me for at least 2 months
I want to end it and Im feeling so down
Hey everyone so if you’ve seen my previous posts then you know my fiancй (boyfriend at the time) cheated on me when I was pregnant. Ever since I found out (it’s been
Relationship Advice, by Jbabygirl
Walked away but can't move on
I met a girl on Tik Tok. I quickly fell for her (which I rarely do) and we got on really well. I suffer from social anxiety. Not long after I met her, she began to
Day 2 of no contact-still depressed
Hi all, So, some of you know my story but in a nutshell, I was with a woman for quite some time. She was everything I ever wanted in a woman and I was so happy with
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