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lingering in orbit, emotional residue
So, a few weeks ago, listening to both my spirit and you wise people, I ended the relationship I was in. 4 months total. I won't rehash that thread, but synopsis
Dating Advice, by bluecastle
I need some perspective with my feelings, and I need to understand my wife. Can someone tell me what you think of this exchange? Me: Please don't open the back door
This is rude, right?
I received this text message from my husband this morning "I hope it was satisfying to chew me out over rice in the sink while i was making my lunch and putting my dirty
Relationship Advice, by Hithere1
Girlfriend of 3 years tells me she is bisexual
Hi guys, I’ve been with a girl now for 3 years to say I love her would be an understatement. 2 days ago she told me she is bisexual and has been since we met. She has
Would you date a guy/girl with no social media .
Everyone have social media nowadays, just meet this guy who is young and attractive but have no social media. No,fb,Ig,Twitter ,WhatsApp nothing couldn’t ask him why
Drunk text to new guy, how to reverse it?
Hello, I recently started spending time with a guy i've know for a few years. Hes older, I am 31 he's 53 (i've always liked older guys). I met him a few years ago, he's
Dating Advice, by Mfawn
Gf left me for a guy and came back after they hooked up
I'll try to keep it short I'm in a bad situation with my gf. Together for 4 years and just over a year ago our relationship hit a wall. An old male school friend of my
Infidelity, by Jeff8619
Need some advice moving forward
Hey all thanks for reading my story. i have known this girl from high school and always had a thing for her since the age of about 15 , (she is now 32 and i am now
Dating Advice, by CJ101
Interview Tips!
Hi guys! I've been doing a lot of research into interview tips. As I'm actively interviewing right now. There is one question I am always stumped with and that's
Dating with kids (blended families)
My girlfriend and I have been together off and on for about 3 years. One of the continuing reason we have broken up, and continue to fight, is the kids. She has 3 kids
Dating Advice, by Sp Cowboy
My boyfriends obsession.
I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 4 years now. We started out young I’m 17 his 20 we got together when I was 13 he was 15 turning 16. We’ve had ups and downs since
Relationship Advice, by Missunkn0wn8
No fireworks BUT....
I couldn't find where this topic had been posted recently so I am starting a new one. For those that haven't been following along, I have been mostly single for the
Dating Advice, by maew
Ex-boyfriend messaging me when he has a girlfriend....so I told her
I broke up with my boyfriend in January. He said he wasn't feeling right about our relationship and he wanted to get back with his ex wife. Obviously I was upset by
Infidelity, by sophielove111
Happy Birthday Lady Vic
:D HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY Birthday vic , I will say it again haha but how has a year past so quick eh ahhhh I hope you have the most fabulous day for the most
Off Topic, by pippy longstocking
Is it taboo to reach out to the guy after a first date?
I text him few minutes after to say I enjoyed myself. He gave regular response which was fine. I tried being little flirty, and give him a nudge so he would possibly ask
Dating Advice, by Gymgirl71
Simply Lost...
I apologize, this is going to be long but i don't talk to anyone about this so I've got a lot to get out... Where to begin... I used this message board about 4
Does he love me?
Hi- I feel so lost and I dont know where else to turn for help. I am with my boyfriend now for 2 1/2 years. We are both divorced, both have kids and are over 40
Relationship Advice, by confused345678
Lies and confusion
Hello. I am not sure where to even start with this situation. My bf was tells me one evening that he has been looking for a new place to rent and there is one he is
Relationship Advice, by sunshine44
I did something bad but proved I was right. Who can relate?
Hi everyone, I'll get right to it. Me and my partner been together 5 years now. Loads of bad times, a few good ones. This particular issue as been happening since the
Relationship Advice, by delpedro23
How would you reply?
Alright friends, I need your help on how to reply to this guy that’s playing hard to get. We dated 3 times how’s in the span of 2 months. It’s been a week since our
Dating Advice, by ButterToast
Why did she go silent on me?
I recently had gotten into contact with a girl I almost dated before she moved out of state. We were friends for 4 years and very close. When we got back in touch we
Dating Advice, by ManofMetal
Needing clarity - possible vent
So, I've been a long term lurker since my wife left 4 months ago after 1 year of marriage. The split came out of nowhere and has been very hard to deal with. She was
Getting Back Together, by LostStruggle
Not happy, but afraid it will be worse if we separate
Hoo boy, where to even begin? I came to this community a long time ago under a different account, which I've since lost the email address to. The people here really
Divorce Advice, by actorguy82
Online dating advice
I spoke to this guy on the phone last week for over an hour, and he mentioned meeting up and to let him know. I text him the next day about it, but he never got back to
Dating Advice, by Gymgirl71
Should we be in a relationship?
She's 21 and I'm 24. We met about two years ago and started going on dates 8 months ago. We got along really well right from the beginning. We are both positively
Relationship Advice, by bill1994
Confused about my ex-boyfriend's reaction
Hey everyone! So my ex of 2 months broke up with me on Sunday.. A little bit of background: He asked me to be his girlfriend on the second date and I said yes. We were
Will she get a higher sex drive?
I'm dating a girl and we seem to be hitting off pretty well. Except, we don't share the same sex drives. While I have a pretty high one, she says she doesn't even wanna
Rekindling an old friendship...or not
Hello, everyone. New here and I hope someone can give me some advice. This is the problem. There is this woman my age (50) that I used to hang out with for about 5
Do I miss the person or the feeling?
Hello everyone, and sorry in advance for the long story that I will try to keep short and sweet. Is my first time writing on a network asking for opinions, this time I
Relationship Advice, by HurricaneDee
I'm not even sure what to feel?
ok, so to provide a short summary first... There's this couple who's together (and they've been so for a few years), and they're both really nice, and I would consider
Relationship Advice, by realhuman
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