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I screwed up big time. Will he ever forgive me?
I got back together with my ex (we broke up five years ago, he left me just before my heart surgery bc said we were toxic) we talked some during the five years apart but
Dating Advice, by Charisbear78
Advice about young girls
Im 37 and at a sports club I've fairly reccently joined there are quite a lot of young people. Male and female teens, late teens and early twenties, and I've noticed
My boyfriends ''ex'' (?) crush/friend. How to deal with it?
Hi all. I have a situation and would really appreciate some other's perspective. To start, I made a stupid thing, I am ashamed, feel bad about it and judge myself
I can’t deal with another person’s emotional issues
In May I am going to a convention. I am president of our local organization. The past president wants to stay with me in my room so she doesn’t have to pay. The
Personal Growth, by ~Seraphim ~
Husband hiding money
When I met my husband he'd recently got divorced. He told me he got a settlement of 50k. So fast forward we got married which I paid for, we moved into a new house as to
Relationship Advice, by DonnaHolmes
Anger at DUMPER building as NC continues. How to deal with it?
How can I manage and process this anger coming up both at myself, but mostly at her for the way she treated me throughout the relationship, especially towards the
What did I do wrong?
So, an old family friend invites me to stay with her temporarily after I had a health crisis and lost my housing. She reassured me her husband wouldn't mind. I refrained
How to let go of the little things?
I get upset and sometimes really angry when I text/message my bf and he doesn't answer. Especially if it's an app where I can see that he's opened the message. Most of
Emotions and Feelings, by egyptianmau
Paranoid partner
In need of some advice for whoever has been through a similar situation with me. I've been with my boyfriend for 9 years we have a 5 and 6 year old, we had a brilliant 7
Was in the wrong for sending my ex’s mom flowers after surgery? Why would he tex
A couple months ago my ex’s mom had surgery and I decided to send her flowers because I knew that would make her happy and recovering wasn’t going to be easy. Her and I
Breaking Up Advice, by Lulumee
I'm (F21) annoyed at my boyfriend (26), pls let me know if I'm just being petty
Hello, first time poster here! Just looking for some advice to my personal dilemma. Warning, it's long! It was my boyfriend's birthday yesterday and he turned 26. The
Relationship Advice, by egyptianmau
My breakup story - with some odd particularities
Hello everyone, My fianceй decided to break our 5-year relationship last week, just about 15 days before our wedding. We've had an amazing relationship, I can't
One night stand with coworker now pregnant
Hey. Guys so i have a friend who is in a complicated situation! She met a guy at work they started messaging each other she met him at his place they had sex
Sex and Romance, by Kpashw
After death, new dog or not?
My beloved 14 yr old dog passed away 2 mos ago. :icon_sad For those of you who were dog owners, did you get a new dog after your previous dog passed away? If you
Pets, by Cherylyn
Who controls the money in a relationship?
I know my title sounds controlling. I personally think in a long relationship finances should be equal in a shared bank account. However my partner (been together 8
Super long but what would you all do(Women)?
So this guy and I really like each other and are super close and flirt and stuff but we never really dated. He happened to mention that he wrote letters for everyone to
Dating Advice, by bella25
Hot one minute cold the next.
So I was kinda seeing this guy last year (long distance) didn’t end well at Christmas but plucked up the courage to message him in late January to see how he was
Dating Advice, by Jessicajay
question on problem with girlfriend and they way she treats me
If your girlfriend that your staying with repeatedly threatens to kick you out when she noes i have nowere else to go, on a daily basis at least 4 times a week. what is
we broke up 4 years ago, he sends a heartfelt bday msg every year?
My ex and I dated in highschool, and I broke up with him at the end of our senior year. Fast forward 4 years later, we don't talk anymore, we're not even friends for
Dating Advice, by nortajh
My gf wants to go clubbing without me after she got high last time
The thing is, my gf likes partying a lot. Last time she went to club with friends, but without me (i am not really into going to clubs, i like alcohol, but with close
Boyfriend bailed again how do I handle this?
I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months (he’s 24 I’m 20).!For a while he had nothing really going on. He was always free and would ask to see me every day. Eventually
Relationship Advice, by guitargirl11
Should I let this relationship go
I am in a very weird place right now. I have been with my significant other jack for about 3 years now. In the beginning of the relationship I will, I made him go
Breaking Up Advice, by AveryJohnson
Confused by Ex Girlfriend
I'm gonna apologise straight up because this is gonna be lengthy. I'm just looking for a bit of advice on a breakup i'm dealing with at the moment. I was seeing a girl
Breaking Up Advice, by Monkeyfeet
My (F/23) boyfriend's (M/28) mum wont let me visit him in hospital.
Advice please! Me and my boyfriend have been together almost 2 years, and he is having a major surgery in a hospital near his parents house, who will be looking after
How to deal with elderly demanding parents who were not perfect growing up?
For adult children who now have elderly parents, how do you deal with their demands of your time and energy when you just feel exhausted from their constant neediness?
Back and neck pain
I'm needing some advice. I'm 50yrs old, and I have chronic back and neck pain. I have a reverse curve in my neck that is almost straight. This results in a lot of neck
Did I make the right decision?
Well I think I know the answer to this before I even start but here goes. I started an affair with a woman about a year ago; I was single she had a husband. (I don't
Breaking Up Advice, by Invisible33
My mentally ill GF (22F) abused me (23M) for 2 years, eventually I cut myself
Hello. This is my story. Sorry if you become confused, I might be sometimes lost in translation. [B]TL : DR[/B] My mentally ill girlfriend was abusing me mentally for
Abuse and Violence, by ccsgo77
Female (20) Boyfriend (24) Should I end it?!! Please Help
I am so lost right now someone please offer me some objective advice. Let me begin by explaining that I have had a very rough year. I suffered 3 separate traumatic
Relationship Advice, by guitargirl11
why am I like this.
First time writing on a forum so apologies if I don't do it right. I met this girl while in another country, it was clear we both wanted more than a fling while I was

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