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What Are the Benefits of Prayer Partnering?
What Are the Benefits of Prayer Partnering?by August Gold
If there weren't benefits to Prayer Partnering, Jesus wouldn't have suggested it, and millions of people wouldn't be practicing it. What are some of the real benefits?

How to Read a Palm
How to Read a Palm The Complete Book of Palmistry
by Joyce Wilson
What we love about raccoons and what makes us nervous about apes is the humanness of their hands. They use theirs the way we do ours. What is charming in the little unlike-a-person raccoon is unnerving in the very-like-us gorilla or orangutan. We think

Connection Extraordinary Guidance; How to Connect with Your Spiritual Guides
by Liza M. Wiemer
Connection Like an alarm clock, I heard our four-month-old son, Evan, crying from his crib. It was 2:15 on a windy September morning in 1994. Bleary-eyed, I got out of bed and fed him until he fell asleep in my arms. After I laid him back in his crib, I

Where, When and With Whom to Meditate
Where, When and With Whom to Meditateby Ram Dass
Getting Your Bearings There have been moments in your life when you were pure awareness. No concepts, no thoughts like "I am aware" or "That is a tree" or "Now I am meditating." Just pure awareness. Openness. A spacious

Life's Not Fair but God Is Good
Part 1by Robert H. Schuller
"Life's Not Fair!" - You Hear It Everywhere. Young and old, rich and poor, fast and slow, tall and short, men and women, boys and girls - all have seen and felt life's cruel injustices. Whoever you are, wherever you've come from, you have heard

All Women Are Psychics
Part 1by Diane Stein
Altered States of Consciousness and Psychic Experience Because the nature of our inner dimension is qualitatively different from the material world around us, we have no framework for understanding what we experience when working with if There's a

What Are Demons?
What Are Demons? Feeding Your Demons; Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict
by Tsultrim Allione
Our demons are not ancient gargoyles from eleventh-century Tibet. They are our present preoccupations, the issues in our lives blocking our experience of freedom. Our demons might come from the conflicts we have with our lover, anxiety we feel when we fly

Your Faith Has Cured You: Receiving the Healing
Your Faith Has Cured You: Receiving the Healingby Jennifer Skiff
When I was twenty years old, I was in a serious car accident. I remember looking down from a place of love at a team of medical people frantically and roughly working on my lifeless body in an operating room. I seemed to be accompanied by a presence that

Megachurch Attendees Tend To Be Young And Rich
by Margarita Nahapetyan
The National Survey of Megachurch Attendees, a newly released U.S. survey by Leadership Network and Hartford Seminary's Hartford Institute for Religion Research, has revealed that compared to attendees of a typical Protestant church

Half Of Americans Switch To Another Religion
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Nearly half of adults in the United States have changed religious faith at least once during their lives, most of them in their early twenties, according to findings of a huge new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public life.

Religion Becomes Less Important To Americans
by Margarita Nahapetyan
According to the findings of the new American Religious Identification Survey, the percentage of people in the United States who stop calling themselves Christians, nearly doubled in the past two decades, growing to 15 per cent last year.

Benefits Of Transcendental Meditation
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Meditation might help to increase the brain function and lower stress, according the first of its kind study that examined the effects of transcendental meditation (TM) on anxiety and brain functioning.

Emptying Your Mind: Avoid Assumptions
Emptying Your Mind: Avoid Assumptionsby Joseph Cardillo
Mushin, or empty mind, is a calming technique practiced by most martial artists. The point is to free our mind of all assumptions and negative emotions such as anger, guilt, doubt, fear, and hatred. Whether on the mats or in everyday situations, a clear a

First Chakra: Balanced Foundation
First Chakra: Balanced Foundation True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit
by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.
Many things can upset the balance of your first chakra; some are rooted in the past, and some are in the present. From the past, by far the most influential element is the family environment you encountered at your birth and during your early years. If yo

Holy War: The Crusades and Their Impact on Today's World
Triple Visionby Karen Armstrong
There is a popular postcard on sale everywhere in Israel that never ceases to astonish me. It shows an 'artistic' shot of the Shepherds' Field outside Bethlehem and there are real live shepherds, watching their flocks there today, just as they did on the

Savoring the Winds of God's Favor
Savoring the Winds of God's Favorby Jerome Daley
I couldn't suppress a dazed grin as I put down the telephone and turned to Kellie. 'You're not going to believe this, but it looks like we have an answer to our prayers!'

Explorer: Tenzin Palmo - Spiritual Genius
Explorer: Tenzin Palmoby Winifred Gallagher
Tenzin Palmo was born Diane Perry, the gifted daughter of working- class parents in London's cockney East End. At eighteen she became a librarian at London University and began her spiritual search in earnest. Photographs from this era show a slender, att

Fear of Death
Fear of Deathby Mark Epstein, M.D.
As a psychiatrist in training, I was expected to do a one-year medical internship. I chose a program in a chronic care facility where there were wards of people who were not expected to recover from their illnesses as well as a functioning intensive care

Religious Leaders Debate the Road to Heaven
Letter 2by R. T. Kendall, Rabbi David Rosen
Dear David, Thank you for the way in which you opened the first chapter. Your kindness, graciousness, and wisdom are like the fruit of the Holy Spirit-the very Spirit Jesus implied was absent in those Pharisees he addressed in the Sermon on the Mount

The 'How' of Meditation
The 'How' of Meditationby Lawrence LeShan
In this chapter I will give instructions for a number of meditations. These will include examples of all major types (except an example of a meditation of the middle way). The instructions will be detailed enough so that, by reading them over a few times

Much Is Expected - Failing America's Faithful
Much Is Expectedby Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
During the course of writing this book, one week stands out. Twice that week I was asked if I was a nun. The first time was at a funeral, and the nun who asked thought she remembered me from a convent experience years before. In fact she had simply seen m

Covenant and Charisma
Covenant and Charismaby Philip Rieff
In Freud's explanatory myth of social organization, the dynamics of guilt are never reconciled with his uses of the liberal myth of origins, the social contract, which is presented as a rational agreement among the masses-sons to cease their individual st

I am the Angel
I am the Angelby Catherine Lanigan
In mid-January 2000, my husband Jim had the opportunity to go to a Rockets basketball game with a friend. Because Jim never does anything like this, we all looked upon the evening as a novelty. With him gone for the evening, I planned a quiet night of wat

What is Astrology? Relationship Signs
What is Astrology?by Linda Goodman
Astrology is the study of man in relation to celestial bodies or, to be precise, the planets. It is a system of thought that attempts to show a relationship between man and all things.

The Fatima Secret (Whitley Strieber's Hidden Agendas)
Part 1by Michael Hesemann
During March 1957 Bishop Venancio visited the Vatican diplomatic office in Lisbon to hand over the documents, which included the envelope, still sealed with wax. He admitted how reluctant he was to part with it.

Christian Meditation
Christian Meditationby Sophy Burnham
Wouldst thou know my meaning? Lie down in the Fire. See and taste the flowing godhead through thy being. - Mechtild of Magdeburg Who is there to sing the music of my songs to men, express the joys of my passion ...? - Richard Rolle To the extent that my

Dracula -The Connoisseur's Guide
Part 1by Leonard Wolf
Dracula Suck! That's the name of a soft-porn movie and the message imprinted on T-shirts that teenagers wear. The films audience is not left long in doubt about the meaning of the sentence. The T-shirt wearers displaying their message also have a raunchy

The Eclipse - A Spiritual Adventure Through the Himalayas
The Eclipseby Robert Thurman, Tad Wise
Number one, breaking momentum on a bad spot is not cool. It becomes difficult to begin again. Panic creeps over a still body faster and more swiftly than over a moving one. Number two, never throw stones. Landslides are bad enough under the best of condit

The Goddess Tradition: Where We Fit In
The Goddess Tradition: Where We Fit Inby Starhawk
The thealogy and practices described in this book are those that arise from the Reclaiming community in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Reclaiming is a community of women and men who have been working together, teaching and creating public rituals,

The Sign of the Dog - Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationship
The Sign of the Dogby Theodora Lau
As a child, he is gifted with a great zest for life and surplus energy which could be directed to sports and group exercise. Enthusiastic, playful and happy, he would like to be involved in many activities, yet he can be reliable when given responsibiliti