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Fertility Treatments Could Be Causing Birth Defects In Babies
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Babies who are conceived with the help of some methods of fertility treatment are at more risk of birth defects than babies who are born to parents with no history of infertility, a large new research by Australian scientists has found.

Pregnancy Obesity May Be Linked to Autism In Children
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Women, who suffer from excess weight or have Type 2 or gestational diabetes during pregnancy, are at an increased risk of having a child with developmental disorders such as autism, found a new research into the sobering risks of obesity in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Protects Women Against Multiple Sclerosis
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Pregnancy may decrease a woman's risk of developing the debilitating illness multiple sclerosis, Australian researchers have found. It has already been known that pregnancy can cause a remission in symptoms of this autoimmune disease, but the new findings

Abortion, Women's Mental Health Link Is False
by Margarita Nahapetyan
The link between abortions and long-term mental illness has been disputed since 2009, when a study by Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, claimed that women who had undergone the procedure of abortion were at an increased risk of

Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement
Part 1by Amy Tara Koch
It's no secret that pregnancy doth not bring out one's inner glamour girl. Hormones flow, stomachs protrude, and once-clear complexions zigzag with "nonspecific dermatitis." Workouts are traded in for TiVo. A nondescript sack filled with

The Lamaze Method
The Lamaze Method Preparation for Birth: The Complete Guide to the Lamaze Method
by Beverly Savage, Diana Simkin
One of the most profound changes that has taken place in the twentieth century concerns the manner in which women give birth. Today women are knowledgeable about the processes and procedures of childbirth. They prepare themselves mentally and physically

Miscarriage Can Jeopardize Marriage
by Margarita Nahapetyan
According to a new study, married couples face risk of divorce after going through a miscarriage or stillbirth, and unmarried partners are even at much higher risk of going their separate ways after pregnancy loss.

Omega-3 Oils Can Protect Women From Infertility
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Women who consume a diet rich in essential Omega-3 oils are at a less risk of being infertile, whereas those ladies whose diets are loaded with trans fats may be more likely to develop endometriosis, the debilitating condition that causes infertility

Household Chemicals Can Affect Fertility in Women
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, say that flame-retardant chemicals that are present in many household consumer products like computers, fabrics, carpet padding, and plastics reduce a woman's chances of becoming pregnant.

Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy
Part 1by Gila Leiter, Rachel Kranz
Why this book - A Personal Look When I found myself pregnant with what I thought would be my second child, I was a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist at a busy private practice in New York City with a growing number of multiple births under our care

Abortion Pill With Antibiotics Cut The Risk Of Infections
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Researchers at Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider, have found that taking the abortion pill orally instead of vaginally and in combination with antibiotics, reduces the number of serious infections and death associated with the drug

Chemical In Cosmetics And Toys Linked To Low Birth Weight
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Scientists have found that the exposure to toxic chemicals that are present in cosmetic products, shower curtains, vinyl flooring and children's toys, can put pregnant women to an increased risk of delivering a baby with a low birth weight.

Women More Than Men Reject Babies With Birth Defects
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Psychiatrists at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital have found that women have a harder time than men looking at babies with facial birth defects and are more likely than men to reject unattractive-looking babies. Researchers, who were studying perception

Multivitamins During Pregnancy Help Avoid Underweight Babies
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Future moms-to-be who take multivitamins during pregnancy, significantly lower the risk of delivering an underweight baby, researchers from Canada have reported this week. One of the biggest risks to newborn babies is to be born too early

Drug Metoclopramide Safe For Morning Sickness
by Margarita Nahapetyan
An anti-nausea drug metoclopramide, that has been widely used by pregnant women who suffer morning sickness, but little tested for safety, was found to pose no significant risks for both the fetus and the mother, claims a large cohort study

Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test Hits The U.S Market
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Future moms-to-be do not have to wait anymore till 18-20 weeks into their pregnancy in order to determine the gender of their unborn baby. Now, the first home gender test to hit the U.S. market, called 'Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test'

Healthy Diet Improves Male Fertility
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Men who stick to healthier diets including fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products, significantly improve the semen quality, researchers from Spain have found. 'A healthy, well-balanced diet is not just important for preventing diseases

MTFC Program Reduces Teen Pregnancy Rates
by Margarita Nahapetyan
The Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC) program that is aimed to reduce juvenile criminal behavior in America's youth, has yielded a surprising positive side effect. According to a new evidence, the program also reduces pregnancy rates

More Unmarried Women Are Having Babies
by Margarita Nahapetyan
The number of women in their 20s and 30s, who give birth to babies without being married, has sharply increased in the United States, according to the latest report from the U.S. officials.

Some Cosmetics During Pregnancy Put Boys To Infertility Risk
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Some food, cosmetic and cleaning products used by pregnant women expose unborn baby boys at greater risk of developing birth defects as well as testicular cancer and infertility later in life, claims a new study by Professor Richard Sharpe

Abortion Finds Less Support In Americans
by Margarita Nahapetyan
The most recent national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found that the number of Americans, and most of them men, who support legalized abortion, has dropped by 8 per cent since last August.

Morning Sickness In Pregnancy Linked To Smarter Babies
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Moms-to-be who suffer from morning sickness throughout pregnancy might give birth to smarter and brighter baby, suggests new Canadian research. Scientists at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children's Motherisk Program discovered that morning sickness appears

Career Women Endanger Their Fertility
by Margarita Nahapetyan
High-powered jobs are harmful for the modern generation of women, suggests a new study by British researchers, who claim that successful careers and increased stress levels are affecting a woman's ability to conceive a child.

Pregnant Women With Migraines Are At Risk Of Heart Problems
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Women who experience migraines while being pregnant are at greater risk to suffer a stroke and other vascular disorders such as blood pressure and blot clots, claims a study by scientists at three of North Carolina's academic hospitals.

Air Pollution Affects Babies In The Womb
by Margarita Nahapetyan
According to the U.S. scientists, exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may harm and affect the development of babies in the womb. The study, one of the largest to look at the effect of air pollution on pregnancy, found that future moms-to-be

Climate Can Affect The Gender Of Your Baby
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Couples who live in the tropics are more likely to produce baby girls, compared to the couples who live in cooler climates, according to the Greek researchers who claim that there is a link between latitude and the gender of babies.

In Vitro Fertilization - One Embryo Better Than Two
by Margarita Nahapetyan
For women who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), single embryo implant appears to be not only less expensive compared to two or more implants, but is also more effective and successful when it comes to delivering a healthy baby

Teen Pregnancies And Birth On A Rise
by Margarita Nahapetyan
The number of teenage girls in the United States who are having babies, has reached a record level in 2007, a government statistics show, and C-section delivery rates continue to hit new highs.

Abortion Linked To Later Preterm Births
by Margarita Nahapetyan
There is a link between abortion history and an increased risk of subsequent premature births and long-term complications, reports a new huge German study. Some previous studies have been pointing out to the connection, but the present research showed

Infertility In Men Poses Risk For Testicular Cancer
by Margarita Nahapetyan
New findings have shown that infertile men are at a triple risk of developing testicular germ cell cancer, compared to the men who do not have this problem. The new study appears to be the first large research in the United States that confirms the fact