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The Truth About Kids, Alcohol and Other Drugs
by Katherine Ketcham
Adolescents who regularly use drugs-and who cannot seem to quit no matter how many problems they experience-are inevitably judged from the outside. Labeled drug abusers, juvenile delinquents, and threats to the community, they are kicked out of schools, b

The Seven Deadly Needs
by Edward Bear
Nobody knows how long he's lived here, maybe not even Tyler himself. But most everybody knows him. At least knows who he is. Claims he's been here sixty-some years, but you can't get anybody to swear to it. I mean besides him. Never met anyone who actuall

Alcoholism: Conversations from the Bottom of the Bottle
by Edward Bear
Most everybody knew old Tyler. He's been hanging around the Westside Alano club for as long as anyone could remember. Had a face looked like somebody forgot to water it; dry as an old boot, road-mapped with wrinkles, the face of a man who'd spent a good d

What Does Betrayal Do To Relationships?
by Patrick J. Carnes
It happens every fall. Lucy Van Pelt offers to hold the football for Charlie Brown. Every time this happens, Charlie Brown recognizes that this is a ploy to use him. And every time, Lucy comes up with a plausible reason why Charlie Brown should trust her.

Alcoholism - Denial
by David Dodd
I rarely thought I had a problem because my friends were drinking as much as I was. We went out, we drank, we got drunk. Crazy things happened to us. The escapades continued, both good and bad. We rarely went out to have a drink or two. We'd go out and do

Stage 1 Recovery: Sobriety First - Arresting the Addiction
by Earnie Larsen
Achieving sobriety is always the first step for any recovering addict. This is Stage I Recovery. For an addict, it is always sobriety first. For an addict, every good thing in life begins with sobriety.

More about Alcoholism
The 12 Steps Unplugged: A Young Person's Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous
by John R.
Chapter 3 tells us that all alcoholics have one great obsession: to gain control over their drinking. So, too, drug addicts want to control their use. 'Normal' drinkers have no problem controlling their drinking. If they do have a problem with drugs or al

Paths to Recovery
Addict in the Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery
by Beverly Conyers, MA
A cliché in the treatment community is 'Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.' The truth of this phrase is most evident when dealing with an addicted loved one. In our desperation to bring about some posit

Breaking the Chain of Addiction
by Claudia A. Black, M.S.W., Ph.D.
Eric sees his children during weekend visitations, holidays, and the summer months. Eric has little choice but to talk openly and specifically with his children, who are exposed to active addiction. In doing so, he and others in his situation are trying t

Learning to Live with Yourself and an Alcoholic
by Janet Woititz
The alcoholic is a very dependent person. He prefers not to take responsibility for his behavior. Avoiding responsibility and making decisions is one of the things that causes alcoholics to drink at first. But drinking does not resolve dependency problems

Open Questions - Adult Children of Alcoholics
by Janet Woititz, Alan Garner, M.A.
Follow up your closed questions with open questions, if you really want to get your conversations going. Open questions are those that ask for more than just a one or two word answer. They encourage others to explore their thoughts by asking for explanati

Fear of Loss of Self - Adult Children of Alcoholics
by Janet Woititz
This fear is present because you never clearly established your sense of self while you were growing into adulthood. The early messages that you received from your parents were very confusing. The lack of clear messages forced you to create many of your b

Addiction - Why We Need the Detoxification Stage
by Charles Gant, M.D. and Greg Lewis, Ph.D.
With this in mind, the goals of the Detoxification stage of the Power Recovery Program are: Removing the sources of toxins that can poison your brain and body and can contribute to the nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances that have put you

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