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Beginnings Through a Dog's Eyes
by Jennifer Arnold
Early one cool September morning when I was sixteen years old, I jumped out of my bed, headed for the bathroom. A split second after my feet hit the floor, my bottom followed. I knew I hadn't tripped or fallen over anything.

Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems
Part 1by Pam Johnson
To be a feline behavior consultant takes guts. Not because of anything cats might do, but because you inevitably become jokingly referred to as the "kitty shrink." Whenever I'm at a party or with a group of people and someone asks me what I do

How to Get Your Dog to Do What You Want: A Loving Approach to Unleashing Your Dog's Astonishing Potential
Part 1by Warren Eckstein, Andrea Eckstein
What You Put In Is What You Get Out As far as I'm concerned, a dog is a product of what's put into him. Two factors determine the personality, intelligence, and overall disposition of our canine companions: breeding - whether the parents were genetically

A Snowflake in My Hand
Part 1by Samantha Mooney
My alarm clock failed to ring, but by skipping morning coffee I managed to be only fifteen minutes late. As the elevator crawled to the eighth floor of the Animal Medical Center I hoped that perhaps Clancy too had overslept. It was 7:20. The elevator

Don't Be Happy, Worry
Don't Be Happy, Worry Homer's Odyssey
by Gwen Cooper
It may have started with the plastic bag. The excessive worrying, I mean. Like many a new mom, I found myself growing eyes in the back of my head where Homer was concerned, as well as an extra set of ears and an almost preternatural awareness of where Hom

Tuning into Your Pet's Needs
Tuning into Your Pet's Needsby Paul McCutcheon, DVM, Susan Weinstein
When an aging Rottweiler called Liberty first walked into my clinic, her tragic past was years behind her. Surgery had helped repair her broken bones so she could live a normal life, and the people who adopted her after she was rescued made her life

Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats - Study
by Margarita Nahapetyan
Cats are not nearly as smart as dogs, at least in terms of understanding cause and effect of relationships, says a psychology expert from Britain.

MRSA Bacteria Can Be Passed Between People And Their Pets
by Margarita Nahapetyan
According to medical officials, antibiotic-resistant MRSA bacteria can be passed back and forth between people and their pets. US scientists are warning that doctors who treat dog and cat bites, should consider the risks of MRSA infection.

Dog's Guilty Look Is An Owners Imagination
by Margarita Nahapetyan
The 'guilty look' on a dog's face does not have to do anything with an actual guilt, says a new York researcher, whose the expression on a dog's face in fact bears no relation to their own behavior, but rather to that of their owners.