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    I think it's very possible for a "soul mate" to be your complete opposite. I hope that if and when I ever find my "soul mate" he'll be nothing like me. I think it would make the relationship more interesting.

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    so, what I wanted to ask:
    1) is your soul mate like yourself?

    no doesnt' have to be

    2) do you have many shared interests?

    we starting off having complete different interests. He's a computer geek and I'm a party girl, who loves to go shopping and look pretty...when I got to know his interests I joined along with his and vise versa...some I took on as my own which we do together at times ie. working on his camaro and others I have no interest for...those that I have no interest for are what makes him unique.

    3) do you think the above two criteria are necessary for a soulmate? No...the criteria is admiration for their traits and quality and getting along/communicating well.

    4) any other comments...[/quote]

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