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Hey guys I'm new here and was looking for some advise, I've been with my girlfriend now since last oct, we've both fallen quickly for one another and have committed to saving towards a mortgage... We both want to get married to each other and have a famil
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Danny12345 last post
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(read previous post to get background info on relationship) So its super late & I just got in from being with my girlfriends & all I can think about is him. My heart feels so broken & the fact that ppl can "fall out of love" & grow apart really baffles
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Lola1104 last post
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The last week was my boyfriends extremely stressful midterms, and we barely got to talk. Because it's the weekend now and the midterms are done, we've talked a bit on the phone today. But tonight he was calling me on the drive to see his friend, and when
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Inawonderland last post
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hi, i dont know what to do or think i keep getting repeated rejection by girls....i been online dating and i would say my success rate of getting a 2nd date are like around really good looking and got a great body......often what happens i
Posted in Dating by Mikel85 last post
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Hi there. So my long distance girlfriend has been studying for her hospital residency exams for the past 7 months. These have been extremely hard on her. She's been getting up at 7.30am and getting back at 10-11pm most nights. I was aware that it wa
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by funkydreadly last post
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I just don't know what to do. I have been married for a long time and as far as I know we are happy and in love. My husband watches porn but that is not what bothers me. We have been basically sexually inactive for a while because of "medical" issues. I t
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by bluegirl134 last post
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My ex's birthday is coming up on the 20th...i don't remember if i wished her happy bday last year but i think i did since we were still kinda talking at the time. we're still friends on facebook right now, and she did wish me merry christmas on xmas an
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by thatdevilsblue last post
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These feelings are driving me mad? How can I deal with them in a rational way? If anyone's read my previous post they will know that my boyfriends twin has recently proposed to my ex good friend who I now hate with a passion. See below thread, ht
Posted in Relationship Commitment by emily1804 last post
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After 34 days of NC, a few days over 2 months post BU, I think I've finally gone through 'the change'. Where I no longer want my ex back and I'm not fooling myself about it. Instead of "I could forgive her for cheating on me and leaving me", I'm more
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by towardfuture last post
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So I've been with my boyfriend for about a year on/offline but we met online 3-4 years ago. Tonight we were watching a good movie and because of the time difference, like 20 minutes before the movie was over, I had to go eat dinner, so we paused the movie
Posted in Relationships by renewing last post
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I filed for my divorce 16 months ago and finalized my divorce 5 months ago and have started dating. I met a nice guy but I feel like I cannot afford to date. We alternate paying for dates but I'm interviewing for jobs so my income is 0 and his is $100k+.
Posted in Divorce by rose2summer last post
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Greetings everyone, I've been reading all these posts about couples getting back together after breaking up, sometimes even coming back stronger and that's given me hope for my current situation. I'm so thankful to everyone has shared their story, even
Posted in Getting Back Together by sportsfan14 last post
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Hello, To whoever reads this through, I am grateful to you. I have posted in this community years before too. It's one story that in the end always ends up in me cleaning it up and everything getting to me. I will try to keep it very short. If anything
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by 66307 last post
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Hi, So those of you have taken structural anatomy (geared towards physio) are there any sites, tips for helping learn the basics before going into details? Kenhub is good but you need to pay, teach me anatomy is clear and getbodysmart has some good quizz
Posted in Career, Money and Education by Trinity11 last post
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I hooked up with a girl a few years ago, and since then we've kept kind of on and off contact as she's been away for work. She is almost impossible to read. The last time I saw her she came around to my place and we hungout, had some drinks etc but she ga
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by AC Slater last post
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She contacts me via phone and asks me how I've been and everything. I told her about my new job promotion and doing bigger things. She seemed sad, told me she still loves me and missed me. She asked about these girls I've been dating. I told her it's noth
Posted in Getting Back Together by JDMxTeGrA101 last post
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Hi all, I need to share something and hope others than relate. About a year ago, I met a guy online and really liked him (e.g., he was funny, smart, personable). We dated for a little under 3 months. But he was continuously wishy washy and inconsi
Posted in Dating by Kricket123 last post
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im a girl, and my very close guy friend and I (strictly platonic) have been planing on getting Thai food takeout and just hanging out tonight for a few days now. Today at 3:00 (EST) he told me that his mom wanted him to stay in and spend time with family/
Posted in Friendship and Friends by Monkeygrace last post
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I met this guy online that I have been seeing for about a month and a half now. I am currently studying full-time as a university student and he works 5 day , 12 hour shifts followed by 5 days off. So far, we have been able to see each other 4 times. Howe
Posted in Dating by kadmoore last post
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Hi, just a quick summary: The ex and I were; acquaintances for 4 years, then friends for 1 year, became close over the next 3 months, and dated for a few weeks before he asked me to be his girlfriend. But it was very complicated and we broke up 3 times
Posted in Getting Back Together by freeindeed last post
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