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Even if the relationship is going really well, you're a great match, you both bring out the best in each other and he makes you happy. But in your head you try and find holes in the, 'the relationship is great, but..' It's not like
Posted in Relationships by victoriavgbond
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Yet another thread about being single. I desperately miss the affection of being in a RS, but i'm not desperate enough to engage in almost anything with anyone. I am waiting to fall in love and for my next RS to be with someone I truly want to be with and
Posted in Finding Love and Soulmate by Lucha
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Me and my girlfriend have been going extremely strong for the last 7 months, but lately she told told me she started devolving feelings for another guy and she doesnt know why, she's so confused and scared cause she doesnt want to regrer anything or hurt
Posted in Dating by mrpimp1914
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My ex and I broke up 21 days ago after a 10 year relationship his job required him to move to the other side of the country (mine operator) and he moved on to a new gf 3 days after the split. We have 2 children and I broke up with him the day he left due
Posted in Breaking Up by Jaydliyah
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I'll keep this short.. Got talking to a girl who has a few mutual friends - really nice looking girl, friendly, funny etc. After a few brief conversations on Facebook, I asked for her cell number, she give me it. After a few periods of texting, I asked
Posted in Dating by crazyfast
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I┤ve been with my boyfriend for one year and five months, we are really young, im 18 and so is he, but we were really close and in a very strong relationship. We spent almost every day together, and of course had our fights some times. He's father was dia
Posted in Getting Back Together by Laurence
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My bf had sex with someone else while we were in a breakup.... Not only that but he called that girl his bestfriend and told her everything that happend wrong in our relationship... He also lied to me about it when he came back... He told me... he had not
Posted in Infidelity by Mayra
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Hi Really need some sound advice, been with my boyfriend for 8 years, nd I caught him emailing some girl nd calling her gorgeous. He assured me that I had nothing to worry about, and I believed him bcuz I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Posted in Relationships by ELISHA82
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We are seniors in college and graduate in 4 weeks. We dated 6 months. We started out really happy though he was worried because it's senior year, he had 2 relationships in college that didn't work out. He was worried because he has anxiety and depression
Posted in Breaking Up by lara1235
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Let me give some background info: I've known this girl for 2-3 years, and asked her out once, very early into meeting her. But that was several years ago, and we've both changed a lot. I left my shroud of clinical depression, began dieting and exercising,
Posted in Dating by CallMeUnique
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I met my boyfriend on a dating site back in November and there was an instant connection. We had so much in common and would go back and forth writing long emails, talking about anything and everything, and it gradually progressed to texting. We would tex
Posted in Relationships by grosings83
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Just frustrated with this situation still and just need a way to vent, feel free to comment but I already know the answer. Met a girl on a dating site, we hit it off right away and she gave me her number. Her profile states looking for a long term rela
Posted in Dating by lionheart153
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Im 19 years old, and I've been with the same girl for over two years now. Let me try to start off by introducing myself and my history: This is my first girlfriend. When I was 13, my older sister passed away and I went through a few good years of depre
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by imanonymous
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I finally put an end to communicating with my ex-boyfriend over two months ago. I told him enough is enough and it was time we both moved on, for good. I asked him to respect my feelings and stop contacting me. He's continued to call and text me, but
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by Panda035
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Story short I've been with my fiancÚ for 7 yrs and I am insecure about my face(always have been). I asked if she thought some guy I knew was nice looking and she said he was...If she finds someone better looking should I split up with her?
Posted in Relationships by Tyne34
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I have a second date coming up this weekend. She is one of the few girls I've actually initiated contact with on a dating site, as her profile actually blew me away, and I felt I had a good chance of getting a response. She's a registered nurse, 35, exact
Posted in Dating by MCJD4ever
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Last Friday, I left my school upstate to go back home for the summer. The night before I left, I ended up hanging out with this girl for the first time for 45 minutes for the first time ever. I thought that she was really awesome and she had apparently be
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by Macandcheese
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My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship (about 4.5 hours away). We had been close friends for years, and ultimately began a committed relationship just over a year ago. In general, we were seeing each other every couple weeks, but were s
Posted in Relationships by DNJ
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