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Okay so I'm 17, me and my ex (also 17) were together nearly 9 months with doesn't seem like a lot but it really is at this age, we were a very serious relationship and even considered getting our own apartment. During these 9 months we split up numerous t
Posted in Breaking Up by BrandonDan
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He and I are 22 and were in a 4 year long relationship that was long distance for around 3.5 of those years. We seriously talked about kids and houses and getting married and the far future and I guess that's what makes me so torn. We had our issues here
Posted in Trust and Relationships by bagelsandlox
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Just posted too much information.
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by captcha45
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As a college freshman girl writting this, try not to judge me harshly. I was 12 years old at the time but my neighbors and two other people haven't forgotten how I was like back then and till this day seem to dislike me (probably even hate me). I'm planni
Posted in Friendship and Friends by CarolinaWinds
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So I have a male best friend from way back, he's married now and recently told me he has feelings for me. My feeling are mutual. He asked me if I would have child with him. I said yes. His wife wants no children. He's even picked names out for ours. My qu
Posted in Infidelity by confused frien
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You know the expression "be a man" "man up" "why don't you be a man" etc. So what do these expressions actually mean? What defines a man? Is it a male that has his life together, a job, house, car, education, money? A male that is confident, not insecure,
Posted in Dating by treehugger101
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I'm in a new relationship, of about 3 months. My girlfriend and I seem to have very different views on social interaction. She hates it when I see my male friends, because we often meet around alcohol, and she doesn't distinguish between meeting 2-3 close
Posted in Relationships by Genuine_Ghost
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Ok, this one is a long one, I apologise for this. I just thought I'd go through as much detail as possible you you are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation: 1 month ago I ended a 2 month long relationship with a very charming, go
Posted in Breaking Up by annabelle24
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I'm in a unique situation that i have not seen any of my friends in and i'm not sure how to deal with it. I was not planning on writing a whole essay here but i felt like there were a few significant things that i may have overlooked but may b u guys c
Posted in Relationships by Enigma2011
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Well, I had to have "the talk" with my partner of 3 years yesterday and she took it pretty well, all things considered. We both agreed that we hadn't been happy for about a year. In fairness, we have been through a lot together and she has been very suppo
Posted in Breaking Up by jpr73
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Okay so I have never been boy crazy until I fell in love for the first time last August. He was my good friend of 3 years. Since he was a year younger than me I never saw him anything more than a friend and he always had a cute thing for me. We started ta
Posted in Breaking Up by candycorn3000
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My cousin was born in another country ( she's in Sweden and i'm in Vietnam ). We have known each other for a long time. However, things just started during her visit to Vietnam in 2011, i was 17 and she's 18 then. Somehow during that visit, i was drawn to
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by namv1994
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I've been dating this girl for around 7-8 months now, but we don't seem to be moving forward at all. Some background: She's fiercely independent and has a high regard for her achievements in life so far, but she is also fearful of our relationship, and di
Posted in Relationships by Flemzilla
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So last year, I started law school. The few days before classes officially started, a bunch of us started hanging out to try to get to know each other and make friends. There was one guy who spent all of those days basically following me around, flirting,
Posted in Breaking Up by becca12334
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No contact really does work. Not in the sense of getting my ex back. I don't expect to ever hear from him again. But to help me move on. If you are struggling with coping with a break up, no contact will help. No calling, texting, emailing, or stalking on
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by bows15
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My boyfriend of three and a half years graduated college with me back in May. During our last two years of college we spent nearly all of our free time together, and I practically lived in his room, only sleeping in my room on the occasional night that on
Posted in Relationships by busybee
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alright, so my girlfriend of 2 years is ignoring me for some reason. I am not totally sure why. we were doing perfect. then she just stopped texting me suddenly. She is on social media. so why would she ignore me? is this a reason of concern? I do not bel
Posted in Breaking Up by dd06
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My girlfriend of 8 months just broke up with me and I'm so lost. She was my first relationship sine my marriage of 20 years ended, and theres a very big age gap, I'm 44 she's 25. She's also had a lot of very abusive relationships in her past and because o
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by lost in love
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I would really appreciate it if I could get an outside perspective of this situation I'm going through. I'm really upset and don't understand what's wrong with this guy. I recently turned 20 and my ex is 21. I met his during the end of January (from a
Posted in Dating by MellowMelly
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Me and a guy who met online went out on a pretty amazing date about a week ago. We had previously been matched several times on several different sites over the past few years. For some ODD reason we never connected until now! The date was just lovely! S
Posted in Dating by Neco841
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