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Its been quite some time since I last posted here and I could use a little vent right now. The past 1 month I have been talking / going out with this girl who I really am into and I want to do so many things with. 2 Days ago, we went out and we ende
Posted in Sex and Romance by daddids
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Hi guys! I have posted a couple different threads and your feedback has been so immensely helpful that I needed to ask one more (hopefully final) question. Sorry to keep bugging you all! After a horrible experience with my mother, which echoed prio
Posted in Parenting and Families by FadingHope
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Hi all, I have recently broke up with my ex of 3.5 years on 28 Feb this year and it's been a month now. I know it was not long ago that I shouldn't expect to be completely over with my ex. But it is really killing me to know that my ex is now constantl
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by xbroken
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So last monday a girl, to whom I haven't spoken to in months, started texting me out of nowhere. This is a girl that I considered as someone who is out of my league. She clearly show interest in me. So in the past few days, we kept texting back and for
Posted in Dating by Xelonz
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Quite a long story....... I was seeing this girl/dating her for a few months. In the middle she broke up due to long distance and said we should figure things out once im back home as she couldnt handle long distance. I was studying in another countr
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by drake808
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So my husband informed me last night that he is trying to arrange to see his son for his birthday which just happens to be around the same time our baby is due. Of course I want to encourage him to see his boy, especially on his birthday, but I really can
Posted in Relationships by Madamdiva007
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New here but needing advice tonight.A little background... Ive been married 4 months and its gone pretty well considering we're older and set in our ways.We were together for 5 yrs,but not living together,before we married. I lived at home with my parents
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by mrskayla
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Let me start with saying sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Not sure where to post it.. I haven't had much LTR experience and this girl was the only girl I've ever actually loved. We were together for 14 months and she ended up leaving me 6 m
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by kyleag89
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I have had a horrible crush on this girl for a year now. We have been friends for about three years, and in this time we have always been close. I don't actively feel friend zoned but I really don't want to mess up the dynamics of our group of friends if
Posted in Dating by alishamay18
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Why do guys cut off without warning? Why do they say they love u SO much and a week later they are gone without a reason....just a cowardly move. ? Is there a reason guys rather do a disappearing act rather than tell a woman the truth or that they maybe
Posted in Breaking Up by mandeelove
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What is your experience with casual types of interactions, where you don't have much in common with someone but try to be social anyway for various reasons? I am curious how other people feel about those kinds of relationships, what it means when the p
Posted in Relationships by sans
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I met this guy back in December and we've been talking since then. In January after we both returned to school from winter break (we're both in college), he asked me what we were relationship wise and I told him I figured we were dating and trying to get
Posted in Breaking Up by lolowaye
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So I'm in a unique situation. I'll start by saying I'm pretty good with women, dating wise at least (relationship wise not so great). I've got pretty good at using a routine when I date, where I can ramp up tension and sleep with the person within 1-3 d
Posted in Dating by Soprano
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Hi, im a junior in high school and i had dated my girlfriend for 2 years...since freshman year. and you could say our relationship was a particularly a good one we had our ups and down like any other relationship but we managed to hang on by the physical
Posted in Relationships by rdelagarza22
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Its been almost 10 months since my ex gf left me.....she was/is a party girl has a had a bew fella fir a cppl of months....the thought of her being intimate absolutely kills 33have a mortgage all my friends are married its hard to get out and ab
Posted in Breaking Up by pavlo81
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:miserable: I had to get him out of MY home because he was calling my 10 yr old daughter names. i cant tolerate this. im , im feeling betrayed, said he would stop but i had enough, on to of that im a single disable mom who cant w
Posted in Breaking Up by maygee
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I belong to a local dance club. There is a girl in the club that I have a crush on. I want to ask her out and get to know her outside the club, but I don't know how. The club meets every week, so I have lots of opportunities to talk to her. My fear (what'
Posted in Dating and Shy People by ClarkK
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I want to ask the new kid out but don't know how I should do it, or when.
Posted in Dating by LOLZ15
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I'm a 28 year old woman and I'm confident in every aspect but my bust size. I've been told by many people that I'm gorgeous, sexy, beautiful and I've had many people hit on me (it happens a ton), ask me out, and want to date me. You're probably wondering
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by redsky
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I need some advice on a girl I used to go with a few years back. This girl and I talked and grew close over a 6 month period, but she was a year older and was going to college the next year so we decided it was best to not date...well during that time
Posted in Getting Back Together by zwill73
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