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I broke up with my ex last February. After we met to give each other the last of our things, I initiated NC. I blocked him on my phone and he blocked me on social media, so we really did have NO. He was with someone else after and so was I. About 3 we
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by WithLove last post
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This summer, I started seeing this girl that I have had feelings for throughout my undergraduate time in college. I took two years off from school, and this summer as I was getting ready to return to for my graduate degree, we started spending time, datin
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by F2007KR last post
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Hey guys, Okay so I have a bit of an unusual situation going on at the moment so I'm just looking for some advice. So I'm friends with this guy and we recently exchanged numbers and he has been texting me, but his texts are sooo long! Now I love a
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by Loriana last post
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When I was a little girl, I wanted to make comic books, and cartoons. I've been able to draw since I was 5. Going through high school, my friends and I all knew that we were going to do just that. I planned to go to art college, kept my grades up, picked
Posted in Personal Growth by ConfusedKitty last post
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I knew this moment was gonna happen, the semester started and I didn't last a day of it in no contact, I lost, it took the best of me, I went in WhatsApp and I saw that she had unblocked me I then saw her profile, and new picture, she looked stunning and
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by 3Tears last post
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Hi all, I have been 'exclusively dating' a girl for about 3 months now (some may call it bf/gf, some not) we have been quite serious with each other since the start. Over the past few weeks, I feel very little attraction towards her, both physically
Posted in Breaking Up by mulletman last post
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This mainly just a rant, but any input is welcome. I JUST CANNOT HELP MYSELF. I should be taking this time to heal and move on, like I keep intending to. But somehow I always end up back at the same point. 3 attempts at no contact and all failed. I'm w
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by deadmareish last post
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Exactly a year ago I met a really great guy we hit it off instantly. Only problem is that he lived 2,000 miles away. We had a great friendship and he flew out to see me and the romance was great as well. He said he wanted me to be his girlfriend and wante
Posted in Relationships by Morgybear last post
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We are in a relationship for 6 years now..........she slept with a man 2 month ago and now she told me about it and she is very sorry about it (Seems to me)...........she is crying a lot and asking for a second chance. She told me it was a mistake and it
Posted in Relationships by abir525 last post
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Hi, So I met this guy in December, and I liked him within minutes. He was just so nice to me. I haven't been a relationship since my teen years (early twenties now) and even then the one I was in was abusive and draining. It was just really ref
Posted in Dating by ThrashTrash last post
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I am a very good looking guy who is also very narcissistic. I've held off as a virgin myself till 21, avoiding any chance I would get to lose it without meaning. At 21 I just reached a point that I felt like I was a loser for waiting so long, especially
Posted in Relationships by Strekoza last post
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My wife and I met about four years ago. We fell in love quickly, we have a child together (also happened quickly) and married about 6 months after we met. I had been in a 9 year marriage prior to this. She was more conservative than I had bargined for,
Posted in Sex and Romance by Fresh Air last post
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While let me start by saying I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter. I have serious trust issues and this is causing our relationship to fall apart. His a major flirt , he has alot of female friends and the way i met him wasn't good. I basically met him w
Posted in Dating by J1090 last post
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My sister - four years my younger - has finally decided to marry her boyfriend much against our parents' approval. Initially, I was against the match, but then my freeworld philosophy got the better of me and I told her to do whatever she wants to. The
Posted in Marriage/Long Term Relationships by darcyausten last post
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This is how this all started: I began a job at a government contractor in October of last year, and quickly got promoted along with several other individuals. During rearrangement of the office I was placed next to a girl, whose name was Kelly. During slo
Posted in Infidelity by nyg3988 last post
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I feel so confused... my boyfriend and I have been together a little over 8 months. The last two months have been long distance. The idea was to rejoin at the beginning of next year, after our work schedules settle down and I will potentially have the f
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by Allyo last post
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A couple of days ago I looked at my boyfriends phone when he was out as he had become quite secretive with his phone and even though he had purchased a new one he was still using his old phone aswell. I looked on a social networking site he uses and sa
Posted in Trust and Relationships by misspenguin last post
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First let me get the back story out of the way, I am 19 and a waiter at a restaurant and this girl has come in to the restaurant regularly with her parents for over 2 years. I've always been extremely attracted to her but never had the chance to talk to h
Posted in Dating by jxr29 last post
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I'm nervous to post about this, but I feel like I need some help here. About a month and a half ago, my bf and I were having sex and in the middle of changing positions, he got soft. Now, we've had a lot of sex for the past year that we've been togethe
Posted in Sex and Romance by misssmithviii last post
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Hey everyone! This site has been super helpful for me in the past. I am trying online dating again and I would be extremely grateful if an intelligent young woman would take a look at my profile and tell me if it looks like I did a decent job. I am really
Posted in Dating by The_Wanderer last post
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