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Been dating this lady for prolly 4 months now I guess, everything is great. I'm 36 she's 40, I feel like a freakin school boy I'm not suspposed to feel like this. I've been there done that and got the scars to show it. I just left Kentucju and her headed
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I got angry at my boyfriend. He didn't invite me over to his moms house for thanksgiving. We had a fight and he basically refused to talk to me yesterday. He said he is sick of me "blowing up" when things don't go my way. So I'm really upset that he didn'
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My new boyfriend repeatedly 'likes' his friends' girlfriends' pictures on Facebook. Is this a little weird, or am *I* the one with the problem? I don't have a BIG problem or anything, but it does kind of trip my trigger. This pictures aren't overly se
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I'm a 25year old guy and I've just had an awful, terrible time with relationships. I've only had 3 aswell. First one was just teen romance that fizzled out but the second recent ones have been pure hell to get over. The second girlfriend was just so highl
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So....who finds the weekends the hardest? It's hard getting up and going to work when all you want to do is stay in and hibernate but at least you have a purpose and reason...but at the weekends and Friday I find it the hardest not only because I'm wonder
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by DaisyHope last post
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Okay. So here's some backstory. Basically, my girlfriend is 15 and I'm 17. We talk all the time about how we want to be each others first time, and once I said I wanted to be the first person inside of her. Her tone changed, and after a while I asked her
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I tried to say goodbye to my little girl today but I couldn't do it. Followed advice about a memory site from on here but couldn't bring myself to go there. I lost her through a miscarriage on 6th May 2013. Only just starting to accept it and I tried to s
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I suffer from short term memory loss. For instance lets say I plan to empty the garbage bag before going to work. I could easily forget about it and remember when I already left the house. They are countless times when I would forget to put my lunch in my
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Hi all! My problem is, I miss my ex - I miss her so much, I'd do anything to get her back! We have been apart now for about 3 and a half years, I'm now 22 and she is now 20. We were together for 3 years. I know that back when we were together thin
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***UPDATE*** I decided to be a bigger person and contact my ex to have a discussion with him on his thoughts before I made any decision myself. My fiance and I both thought this was a good idea since if mediation goes well, my ex and I will have to have
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I've been dating this woman for about a month, and we had hung out a lot before that. We also dated briefly two years ago, but I was a huge jerk and broke up with her. (I'm a changed person now, after a lot of introspection, and I treat people much better
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We broke up 10 months ago, we've been in and off. I would always break NC but I ve been 3 weeks strong! She sent me this email and I'm not sure why.I didn't answer but was wondering your thoughts on it. "bad weather up n
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by bostonsfinest2 last post
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Where do I even begin. We have been together for over ten years, basically my whole adult life. I have "never" lived the single life, and only had one partner before. I have always had a low self confidence with girls. Probaly more than I have reason
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Its killing me today. I start my Christmas shopping and all I can think about is her. I used to get so excited about what I had bought her I couldn't keep it a surprise. Every year we get a present from my Nan thatís a bag filled with loads of goodies she
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by larthur1 last post
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Hey guys, I had my breakup in february and the rest of the details you can get in my previous posts. now since febraury my ex gf was on-off hence i initiated no-contact totally in august. after august myex gf wants to start over, she texts me asking fo
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Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some insight about an issue I’m experiencing with my boyfriend. He confessed to me a few months ago that he watches porn on a daily basis despite the fact we
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The boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, for the sake of ease lets call the person below my sister in law. She is a VERY difficult human being to be around, work with, and tolerate. She is the mother of two of the worst behaved children I ha
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I've tried talking to some friends and family but they all keep saying the same thing. Anyways I'll get right to it. I've be with the same girl for 2 years now, starting off, we constantly had fun, laughed a lot, made love, talked to eachother, and ju
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Hi so long story. I've been on here before when I found out in the summer my bf of nearly 2 years got another girl pregnant. I was devastated and cut all contact with him. I only found out until the baby was born all of this, and he told me left me for he
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I posted about my recent break up here, its only been a few weeks. I've been coping rather well, it was an LDR so I guess the distance did help this time. Yesterday, I received a message from my exs best friend, at first I was hesitant to open it because
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by ojk85 last post
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