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She doesn't want to "drag" me through her "crazy" life if it continues. I've been dating this girl for about 4 months now. Here are some details: • She works and commutes a lot. I'm talking about a 90min commute to her first job, 30 minutes to
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I have been reading this poem on an almost daily basis these past couple of weeks. Thought I would share (hope that's allowed?) in the hopes it might be significant and helpful to some of you here. Love After Love - Derek Walcott The time will come, wh
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by MostlyHopeful last post
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It's been 8 months since 'I' ended my first long-term relationship and boy did I expect to be some place different at this point by now. Turns out I'm not. Nowhere near infact. Without going into it too much, I still think of her every day (not as much bu
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by GB11CR7 last post
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I'm having a problem balancing who I am, and who I am when I am in a relationship. I know that when I'm not in a relationship, I tend to be very carefree, positive, relaxed, talkative, and quite a joker. I feel like this is closer to "myself", and I en
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I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety nearly five years ago. It has been a very tough, emotional roller coaster made worse by the emotional (and on very rare occasions physical) abuse that my parents inflict on me. It has caused serious trust issues
Posted in Friendship and Friends by eskimobiscuits last post
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I met her (letís call her Z) for the first time 2,5 years ago on a student trip. She was nothing more than another face in the crowd. As trip was over I forgot immediately and wasnít even aware of her existance until November 2012 (which was half of year
Posted in Breaking Up by davidohio last post
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Ok, for those who are willing to help. I do really appreciate all the effort. now, this is an interesting one. Let me start by saying I had an amazing girlfriend, well now EX. It lasted about 6 months, 2 months of being apart now. We ended up splitting
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by gmoff90 last post
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I need advice on what to do to change things back to me being in control again because I feel like my boyfriend isn't as interested in me anymore, or at least doesn't feel he needs to make as much effort to keep me happy. I'm a stong person but when i
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Hi - I'm in need of some advice. My ex recently dumped me less than a week before we were supposed to go on vacation. He said nothing was wrong in our relationship and he can see us dating for a long time and because of that, he felt the need to end the
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by interwreck last post
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Hey people! My heart is bleeding and I need some advice. Me (24) and my gf (23), both studying Masters dergees, me economics and she law (lot of work), are having a serious relationship with a serious problem. We both live with our parents only 500m fro
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I will try to keep this as simple as possible with digressing..... met a woman (age 37) from a south american country on line in february 2014. She is not a us citizen but has a 10 year visa to travel to the US. She's been visiting me here in the US on
Posted in Long-Distance Relationships by robismyname last post
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I've mentioned before about how I thought I should break up with my boyfriend because we had personality differences. I didn't want to break up because we got along really well. I thought, maybe if I talked to him more about the things that bothered me in
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by llevantpress last post
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My husband and I have been going through a rough patch and I ended up cheating. I came clean to my husband today and told him everything. We want to seek counseling and help in our marriage but the man I cheated with is threatening to send nasty pictures
Posted in Infidelity by jlinds08 last post
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When i started dating my ex 2 years ago I will admit, and my friends all had done it, neglected friendships in the beginning. Yes it wasnt right but it happened and As soon as I realized what I was doing I worked on it and saw them alot more. Now after th
Posted in Friendship and Friends by solong123 last post
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Ex and i have been NC for 3 months, we talked again after he came back full force , Invites me out tonight but last minute calls and cancels date, he wanted to reschedule tommorow i told him i could not ! Then i simply told him i had to go and hung up. He
Posted in Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Relationships by mg22 last post
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I am in grade twelve. In grade three I met this guy. His father had been kulled in an accident that year and he had gotten into a terrible car accident the same year. I became friends with him and we quickly became best friends. We were besr friends till
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by jesterben last post
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Hi ENA. I'm new here, but I've been lurking a while and you all seem like very kind and thoughtful people. If you want to read my story and give me your words of wisdom, or even just share your stories and tell me I'm not alone. I would truly appreciate i
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About two weeks post break up... I find myself going back and forth, between being excited about my new life and being miserable. Tried to be out and about, meet new people, hang out with friends, because sometimes anything is better than being alone i
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by ojk85 last post
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So I was never given a reason as to why he ended it. Nor do I think he planned/meant to break up yet were still broken up. However what happens when NC makes you realise the faults in yourself that may have ultimately lead to boyfriend ending it......?
Posted in Getting Back Together by DaisyHope last post
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Hi, I would really appreciate advice from ENA members as it always have been so helpful to me. The issue that I want to address in myself is that I want to become less stressed and too serious and uptight about my life, myself, work, relationships. Th
Posted in Personal Growth by silversoul last post
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