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I saw a guy, a helplessly cute one. He'd never looked my way the first few times I saw him. Days later, he request to follow my ig. I recognized him and followed him back. Few minutes later, he sent me a direct msg. We talked and at some point he tried to
Posted in Dating and Shy People by sweethearts last post
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I've been to a few other forums and have been reading a lot of ENA posts over the past month...I've finally taken the courage to post my situation and ask for your opinions: My fiancée and I were engaged for a year, have been together for the past 7. S
Posted in Breaking Up by Jiivy last post
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I broke up with my partner of four years a year and a half ago. Due to the fact that our level of maturity differed so much. We wanted different things out of life, wanted different journeys. Having just graduated I was all about my career and wanted to f
Posted in Getting Back Together by Mara567 last post
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I have just broken up with my boyfriend, he was controlling with not liking me seeing friends, or competing in my sport, keeping me from spending time with my parents, became very jealous very easily and made me feel guilty and ignored me when I had done
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by Maureen19 last post
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Guys, just your opinion...if a girl has a really small chest, but is also thin or really petite, are you less attracted? Or do you have no preference if she is proportional?
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by cookiedough last post
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My father passed away unexpectedly today...i am so shocked and heartbroken right now! i can't believe! probably my worst loss of all...i've been a member of this site for alittle bit now, posting usually in the "healing after breakup" forum in regards to
Posted in Grief Loss and Bereavement by thatdevilsblue last post
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Are any other women in this position? I'm beside myself with grief over only seeing my kids half the week..My ex moved his gf into the family home the week I moved out. The pain of dropping them off at my old house for them to be a family is unbearable. I
Posted in Divorce by suzan last post
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I would really appreciate some input on this- I have no idea whether it's an issue or not. My partner and I have the best relationship that ever was. We laugh, we play, we are best friends, we communicate perfectly and I am pretty sure I'm the luckiest
Posted in Relationships by Fatty last post
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I posted here a bit ago about a guy I was seeing in a LDR. He was funny, smart, attractive and we had things in common. But he is/was emotionally unavailable, would disappear and reappear, never followed through on what he said he'd do, openly said that e
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by dichotomous last post
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I gave a ride to the airport today for a friend of mines. It wasn't out of my way and he's a good guy, so when he posted about needing a ride I offered. Ride went well,but we got so engrossed in chatting, that I ended up in the toll lane (toll lanes are
Posted in Friendship and Friends by renaissancewoman101 last post
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My bday is in two weeks he has been avoiding the topic like the plague. He hasnt asked me what I want to do? What I want if anything? I am a pretty simple girl....a single rose.....a love letter.....a slow dance......something sweet nothing expensive. I h
Posted in Relationships by red5512 last post
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This is the first time I've ever posted to a forum. About anything. But I thought I'd give it a shot and see what the internet has to say. Its probably going to be long so bear with me please. So I met this girl i work with last August. We will call he
Posted in Getting Back Together by Masada40 last post
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I've posted on here many times, but I just got the worst news ever. I used to make $125,000 a year. I lost my job after 15 years. I interviewed for a job that paid $50,000 a year and I got turned down!!! I give up. I can not go any lower than that. T
Posted in Career, Money and Education by LazyDaisy last post
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Does it happen? If the new someone did not work out? You missed your Ex? Any other reason?
Posted in Getting Back Together by Beduldac last post
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and i have nobody i re-peat no one i can talk to about this. I also have a slight trust issue in revealing true details about this. so therefore im turing to the web for you guys help and insight, I hope somebody takes the time to read this all. Ok so
Posted in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender by Shakeybones last post
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Furthermore, I'm not single? I have a girlfriend, and I'm happy to be with her and we love each other very much. However, when I'm around other couples, no matter who they are, I feel really weird and I don't know what the feeling is. For example, I ha
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Xin last post
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I've been in two long term relationships previously and both times I ended up very hurt. After my last one ended about 6 months ago I vowed to stay single for at least a year...however, I've ended up getting into a sort of relationship with an older guy w
Posted in Relationships by fran85 last post
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My ex-boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up around February of this year. From what I know, his family never really liked me for stupid small reasons like I'm too small for him (he's 5'10 and I'm 4 8 ), I spend too much (his family is pretty frugal), and in
Posted in Breaking Up by Christy416 last post
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My boyfriend and I have been dating for just over a year. At the moment, I'm 30 and he's 23. He is the first and only man who has ever shown any form of romantic/sexual interest in me. We were friends initially, and when he told me that he was interested
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by thetwist last post
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I've made many posts on here about my boyfriend and how many issues we've had. I am young, 21 years old and realize I deserve much better than him... My breaking point was last night. This all started last night when I went to his house and he plays video
Posted in Relationships by bamboobam last post
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