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Hi everybody and thanks for reading this I've been living with my GF for six months, we've been dating for over a year. I'm 32, she's 28 we're both employed. There are some problems, but we get along very well, understand and love each other very much.
Posted in Relationship Conflicts by ilko
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My life currently: 19 and crushing on this guy. I feel like sometimes he gives me signals and then sometimes he doesn't do anything. I catch him looking at me but then again, I catch him looking at other girls and talks about them with his friends. Whethe
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by lonetiger
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I met this guy at this college we both attend. We talked for about an hour and I got his number. I'm 17. He's 21. It's legal in my state. I've done ALL the research. I told him how old I was before I got his number. A few weeks later I text him and he ask
Posted in Dating by diamonoid1997
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I met a girl on a dating site. I am 44. She is 32...successful...3 kids...and very sexual and fun. 5 months in her boyfriend calls me asking if i am dating her. He has been with her 2 years and 5 months at this point. He found her at my house when she
Posted in Infidelity by whitelakeguy
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Hi, where do I start? I met my ex girlfriend 7 years ago. We dated for a month or so then I called it off a week or two after she moved to a new town to university. I had feelings for her but I had been single for 9 years previous and was scared to com
Posted in Getting Back Together by Weth79
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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but since it says spirit I figured it would be. I need someone to explain why I still believe in a higher power even though religion has been nothing but a negative experience for me. My core experience has
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by wolfwithin
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I've had my ups and downs with depression my whole life, but these past couple months have been the loneliest I've ever dealt with. Last July I moved out of my dads house (my mom lives across the country) last summer and moved about four hours away by
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by somechick99
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I was in a relationship a woman who I had so much in common with. We both are same age, have careers, and are single parents of a toddler girl. We got along great, both said we were in love with each other, her daughter took well to me, talked of the futu
Posted in Getting Back Together by jtbdh4
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Hello. I'm currently broken and in a lot of emotional pain after my girlfriend of 15 years abandoned me 2 months ago out of nowhere. I thought we'd be together forever. I want to heal and feel whole and happy again. She meant so much to me and was a m
Posted in Healing After Break Up or Divorce by brokenguy
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I APOLOGIZE FOR THE LONG POST BUT IN ORDER FOR MY SITUATION TO MAKE SENSE THERE IS A LOT OF BACKGROUND INFORMATION. When I was fifteen, I met a boy who I liked and he liked me as well. Nothing was ever said out loud and neither of us admitted it but our
Posted in Attraction and Flirting by egirl6
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A little background info about me - I'm 18, and I have a really bad jealousy issue. I'm generally good at hiding it, but it bugs me on the inside. My girlfriend is shy/reserved/beautiful and introverted. I'm extroverted, but we get along ridiculously well
Posted in Dating by Slim Dog
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Three dates, 1st and 3rd were among the best dates I've ever had. I feel really connected, strong chemistry. But she's not into calling or texting, so between dates (a week apart) I don't hear much from her. So my attitude is "take it slow, she obvious
Posted in Dating by Fixee
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I am finally at a place where after a long struggle trying to get my education, I will finally be free this Summer to go anywhere I want. Unfortunately, throughout the struggle, I had to cut off contact with my family because of emotional abuse and broke
Posted in Emotions and Feelings by Dealbreaker
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Hey everyone! I have a relationship dilemma that I cannot figure out the answe to. I have been dating my current boyfriend for the past year and a half and his ex keeps causing drama. His ex will always be in his life because he is best friends with he
Posted in Dating by ihtgw
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So I've been in the break up stage for the past two months and ive accepted my wrongs and I'm trying to move on... And focous on myself I've recently found out that he is dating some other girl and I knew he was gonna be also seing his ex girlfriend soon.
Posted in Breaking Up by Mayra
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This afternoon I was going somewhere for my lunch and I tripped on a step and fell down hard (almost splitting my lip). I did bruise my wrist and my knee. A bunch of people helped me up and asked if I was ok. I said I was fine and then got into my car. Wh
Posted in Health: Body, Mind and Spirit by renaissancewoman101
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Hello everyone, I've been lurking in here for quite some time. I have read some amazing stories. Here is my first post. I am not a native speaker so please be gentle.. Itís been 11 months since we broke up. I know there is no hope. I donít know why
Posted in Getting Back Together by green122
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Hello everyone. My ex gf and i are both 24 and were in a generally happy relationship for 4 years. Recently, we had an issue where she wasn't home at 7pm as usual (we don't live together; I visited her apartment). Her job requires her to drive on th
Posted in Getting Back Together by batterymanotk1
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I have problem speaking in front of an audience, either over the phone or in person. I think it's time to take a class and overcome that fear because I'm ready for the next step of my career. But I don't know where to begin. Where do i find such classes?
Posted in Personal Growth by wai
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